Tuesday, 13 March 2018

From: Brettm - Riflemen and Artillery (226 points)

Finished up some more Flames of war stuff. First up is the remaining Russian riflemen and MG teams.

 The rest of them all lined up

 A close up on the command units

 Some MG's on wheels in the back. Didn't count these as any points but are about the size of a 15mm guy. Easy to paint though.

Think I'm covered on the Soviet infantry. Just need some Artillery and ready to hit the field

Here are some 105mm Artillery. Have a decent amount of USA 15mm put together. However finally got some artillery now to add.

 All lined up

Side shot of them. All of them had the same figures so tried to switch it up on how they were placed on the base.

Not to much to do with the guns. Put some highlights on them and painted some wood logs on the sides.

Now to get to shelling the enemy!
All together I have the Soviets clocked in at 84 Soviets, 20 USA Artillerymen, 4 Guns. I count it at 208 points for the 15mm men and 18 pts for the guns. Total of 226 points.

Hoi there Brett, what a great entry of WW2 Allies today! While I am partial to the Western Allies these Soviets really are very good, great job on them. You got the uniforms spot on and I like the way you've mixed the figures on all the bases (including the Artillery) to get more diversity. Pointswise You have 104 x 2 = 208 points for the foot figures and 4 x 4 = 16 for the guns, that said you did leave out the HMG's when counting so I'll give you another 2 points and hey presto you get 226 points ;-)

Brett, it has been a real pleasure to be your minion this Challenge, you have brought as a very good mix of subjects in an awesome finish! Thanks heaps and hope to see you next year! 


  1. Nice mob of soviets and US artillery !
    Best Iain

  2. Quite a haul Brett - are those the plastic Soviet infantry from Battlefront?

  3. Your Soviets definitely need their artillery!