Tuesday, 13 March 2018

From: EricM- Austrian Aide de Camp and French Cuirassier (116 points)

Our local group is taking the plunge into new Napoleonic rules set General d' Armee so I used last week to prepare for our first game.

The order system of General d' Armee calls for a quite a few more Aide de Camp than I had.  I painted 5-15mm Austrian Aide d Camp.  They are from Battle Honors.  I really enjoyed painting the figures. For older sculpts they nicely detailed.

Here are the 5 Aide de Camp

I decided to add some punch to my my French forces so I painted up two units of Cuirassier.  The figures are from AB, which is in my book the best 15/18mm figures you can find.   To top it off if you are in the US you get to buy them from Eureka Miniatures USA  which is run by Rob Walter, on of the nicest guys in the hobby.   Amazing figures and outstanding service, what more could you ask for.  (I may be a little biased)

I painted the 3rd Cuirassier which were in Nanouty's division at Wagram.

I also painted the 12th Cuirassier from Nansouty's division. I really like the yellow collars and appointments,

Here picture of the full group

In total I was able to complete 29-15mm Cavalry for a total of 116 points.  Which I believe will just make my challenge goal of 2500 points.  Whew, that was a close one.

Congratulations Eric on gaining your target! Great to see you get to grips with these 15mm Napoleonics. You have done just as good a job on these as with all of the miniatures I was allowed to show the good folks over here. Your overall level of painting is very high and it is showing here too. Those Cuirassiers really look amazing and the ADC's are a fun addition as well. I can only say the pleasure was all mine and I do hope to see you pinch in something next week for the Snowlord to judge. Cheers and thanks heaps Sander


  1. Nice work Eric and congrats on making target :)

  2. Well done on hitting a very high target! Nice heavy cavalry!
    Best Iain

  3. Great work Eric - those AB figures sure seem like fabulous castings, and you have done some fine work on them.