Tuesday, 13 March 2018

From: MartinC - More Randomised Figure Colouring In (165 points)

As the end approaches i'm getting towards the end of my Lead Mountain. Scary I know and there are probably 450 figures still in it. You know the ones that are poor quality, hard to paint or the ones you just aren't interested in at the moment. I still have a Norman army to paint and I may start that but we will see.
In the meantime I've been painting stuff that takes my fancy. It's another hotch potch of stuff.

1st up some 1930s - 40s civilians. These will double for VBCW and some possible gangster future games. These are mainly from the defenders of the realm set from Warlord.

Some rural and worker types. I swapped out a lot of the improvised weapons for rifles

A couple more Gorillas for Mr Lee - Cheers Kyle. These are very nice figures,  harder to give good hair tones to than their King but they look very mean

3 ancient Greeks, no idea where I got these from

Warbases Tachanka (or something like that) Looks great from afar but close up the crew and horses are not very well modelled

That is

15 infantry - 75pts
3 cavalry - 30 pts
2 40mm gorillas 14pts
Tachanka == 3 horses, 3 crew, maxim gun and cart = 45ish

Total is 165 or something like that.
Finally thank you Sander for being my minion. The kind words are much appreciated, sorry about the maths

Deary me Martin, I was just joking about the math, no harm done ;-) Ow wow, this is a truly nice mix of subjects. I just cannot choose what I like best but the Gorillas are really awesome. Those civvies will come in handy in a lot of different styled games indeed whether it be gangsters, VBCW or even something Pulpy, do you game that to? ;-) The Russian machine gun on cart is a great model and you have done it proud. 
The pleasure, as they say, has been all mine Martin I do hope to see some more of your work next week before Challenge's End and perhaps next year?! 

Cheers Sander


  1. Great work Martin! I love the pulp/40s civilians and the Tachanka is awesome. I have the Eureka one - nice, but a complete swine to assemble.

    1. Cheers, mine was easy to build once you work out that the maxim doesnt fit on the back

  2. Nice work on the mixed bag Martin :)

  3. I like the civilians and the armed rural types, the gorillas and the tachanka are great!
    Best Iain

  4. Great job Martin.

    There is something about those Gorillas...spooky and funny at the same time. And I find myself wishing they had RPGs...clearly I have gorilla issues...

    1. Ta, weapons are separate. rpgs and gorillas would be maximum overkill. Maybe add a gatling gun

  5. Eureka does gorillas with RPGs... I really like yours, and the Tachanka is fun as well.