Thursday, 19 March 2015

From StefanoS - 28mm WWII British in Med Gear (40 Points)

Despite home happiness I managed to add some more figure to my (personal challenge).
These are  8 beautiful Artizan Design and Black Tree 28mm WWII British infantry, ready to fight in North Afrika, Greece or Italy.

Cheers from Italy

From Curt:

Excellent Stefano! It's great to get a last volley in from you before we close down shop.  I've always admired the WWII offerings from Artizan and Black Tree and I really like what you've done with them here. I especially like the mix of helmet colours and webbing - it gives them a real Med veteran look about them.

Well done!


  1. Great work, really well painted Med Brits


  2. They look great, Stefano! I like the vet mix of gear, really cool!

  3. Lovely brushwork Stefano. I have to say though I am just as impressed by the table!

  4. Lovely, really nice painting!