Thursday, 19 March 2015

From TamsinP - Two Brides for Two Brothers (20 Points)

I said there might be one more entry from me, and here it is. I noticed I hadn't done a proper mickey-take yet and also hadn't painted any ladies (I'm not counting the handful of female NSL Panzergrenadiers). I had an idea of how I could combine the two...

Now there's a little bit of history to this post. Last year, Fran emulated Ray and dropped some sandbags right at the end taking him to the top spot of Postie's Rejects. That meant the rest of us owed him a figure each. I painted up a gangster figure as my Frangeld and invented a background for him and "Postie's Mob". I later painted up a gangster as "The Badger".

Now at some point one of them asked when they were going to get their "Molls". Well, this is where they do.

Once upon a time in Salutesville...

Ray "The Badger" Rousell and Francis "The Lurker" Lee

...there lived two young men about town, Francis "The Lurker" Lee and Ray "The Badger" Rousell. They had a bit of a bromance going on and realised that the only way to stop people commenting on it would be to find themselves brides. They were very desirable after all - even the G-Men wanted them:

OK, maybe the G-Men didn't want them that much...

One fine day they were standing on a street corner outside Postie's Diner (their mob's business front) when they espied two pretty girls.

They recognised them from the newspapers as the flighty (not to mention wealthy) twins, Holly and Ivy Woods. "These are the ones for us" both thought. They decided to approach them and ask them on a date.

The girls weren't interested, and rudely turned to each other and giggled a lot.

When they stopped giggling, they turned back to the boys and told them that they had two unmarried cousins, Hazel and Rosemary, who would simply love our hapless heroes. However, the boys would have to marry them sight unseen. The boys agreed to this - after all, they were desperate and if their brides-to-be were the girls' cousins they must be just as lovely (and wealthy).

The girls left.

The boys looked wistfully after them.

At the wedding, the girls' cousins turned out to be a teeny-weeny bit older.

And not quite as pretty. But a deal is a deal, even when you've got the short end of that suspiciously brown and sticky stick.

And so our boys lived unhappily ever after.

The End

Some pics of the ladies:

Lurker and Badger were painted months ago, so it's just the four ladies. The figures are all 28mm from Blue Moon.

That'll be 20 points I believe.

As this is my last entry, it's time for the customary votes of thanks.

To Snowlord for organising it all and getting our posts up and points tallied in a very timely manner.

To Snowlady for allowing him to do this yet again.

To the sponsors - your generosity in providing the various prizes is greatly appreciated by us all.

To my fellow Challengers - the quality and quantity of your submissions gets better every year. Your comments on my posts have been most welcome. I'm always inspired by the sense of community that the Challenge produces.

Special thanks to Alan and Ian for keeping me on my toes early on and Martin C for the same over the last few weeks. Battling you guys for placings was the spur I needed to keep my output up.

More special thanks to my side-betters. It's been fun producing stuff for those. I lost my 1500 point race with Alan - congrats again mate! I have a sneaky feeling with all my 6mm ACW that I have probably won the "10mm or Smaller Challenge", but I'll let Curt tot up our teeny-tiny points and announce the winner. Lastly Clint has conceded on the Spaceships Challenge, meaning I win that one - Woot! Woot! I get bragging rights and Curt gets to bestow me with some made-up title!

It's been a great Challenge for me - new periods, new techniques, returning to the madness of teeny-tny 6mm figures. I'm absolutely stunned by the amount I've painted. I haven't broken 2000 points before, even with the bonus points for theme rounds last year, so to have busted through 2500 points without any theme bonuses is astounding.

And that's it from em for this Challenge (apart from commenting on other folks' posts).

Auf Wiedersehen!
Love and kisses,


Nothing to do now but sit back and wait for Ray's sandbag to drop. And have a long overdue drink:


From Curt:

Ahh, what a great way to end your Challenge Tamsin! It's been an absolute blast watching you climb up the points ladder. This has been a banner year for you and I'm absolutely delighted to have been made a part of it.

Enjoy your Glenlivet and bask in the glow of your victories!


  1. Haha! What a cracker of a way to finish. Thanks for sharing again this year Tamsin. :-)

  2. Great work on the Challenge your stuff is always a lot of fun to see. Congrats on winning the space race Lady High Admiral :)

  3. Nicely done a very entertaining and classy way to end your Challenge

    I do seem to think that the Badger's bride more closely resembles Ray than the Badger does...

  4. It's been a blast to watch you toy with us before leaving us way behind. I echo your sentiments


  5. The ladies look grand, Tamsin! Your town has grown lots since I last visited your blog too!

  6. Well at least mines got a huge pair on knockers, even if they scrap her knees when she takes her bra off!!! What a horrid thought.....................

  7. Haha, a fine finish Tamsin - got one over Rsy and Fran once again. Your painting has been great this challenge Nd I've really looked forward to your entries.

  8. Great last entry. Congratulations on your season, the diversity and quality of your submissions has been truly inspiring

  9. Gosh those dresses are bright! Great last entry and have enjoyed your productions over the last few months! An impressive horde of stuff! :)

  10. @ Curt - it's been a real pleasure taking part and I'm still having trouble believing how much I've produced. And how much everyone else has produced - my score from last year would have put me in 9th place this year. It would be interesting to see how the average final tallies compare between the 5 years.
    My total this year is all the more astounding as I didn't enter the theme rounds, so there were no bonus points!
    Thanks so much for organising this :)

    @ Millsy - cheers! And thank you for sharing your painting too! :)
    Maybe next year I'll be able to keep up with you guys ;)

    @ Adam - thanks! "Lady" High Admiral? You clearly don't know me very well ;)

    @ Miles - cheers! It had to be done, especially after Ray's comedy round entry :)

    @ Ian - cheers! I think you guys were treating it as a 10 mile race while I knew it was a full marathon. It was definitely a great tussle with you and Alan in the middle weeks :)

    @ David B - thanks! Well, the population has grown; I still need to get the rest of the buildings done :)

    @ Ray - glad you like it! Now, that is a horrid thought ;)

    @ Phil - thanks! I'm glad you've enjoyed my entries - I've had fun doing them, despite the amount of work :)

    @ Martin C - cheers! And congrats on staying ahead of me. I've loved the creativity of your work :)

    @ Chasseur - thanks! Well, with the mix of green and yellow outfits, they've got to hope that Ray doesn't mistake them for budgies and try to smuggle them ;)

  11. LOL! Great final statement! Those mass contributions you've done are awesome and show off your abilities nicely, but these pulpy contributions always make me smile and laugh out loud. Thanks heaps for sharing dear lady!