Thursday, 19 March 2015

From ByronM - Last Entry French Napoleonics 28mm and 6mm (195 Points)

Last year I did a unit of French infantry as a promise to Curt that I would at least start some Napoleonic units.  Well, right in the nick of time, I finished my last entry, a unit of French 28mm Napoleonics.  All the Figures are Perry plastics other than the mounted officer which I honestly forget where he came from, I know it was in an unmarked black box, but which company, no clue.

This year the unit is made up of the other half of the boxes I got, these done in their coats in more of a marching to the battlefield look.  All the figures have been dirtied up and weathered to look like they have been on a long march.

They are mounted 4 to a base other than the center command which has the mounted commander, standard bearer, musician, second in command and 2 regular foot infantry all on a double wide base.  That makes for a total of 29 foot figures and 1 mounted.

Also included in this last submission is the start of a 6mm Napoleonic force that I picked up from Baccus.  I got them last year during the challenge with the hope that this way I may actually get a Napoleonic army done sometime soon, rather than 10 years from now at this pace with the 28mm.

Here are two bases of infantry, one of cavalry, and a artillery base.  These have been done up as test pieces to get my technique down for 6mm, which I have never painted before.  The figures are really nice for such a small scale, but painting them, while fast, is a pain in the ....  I keep feeling I have to do more, and that they don't look good enough.  But then I look from table distance and go, what the hell they look just fine at arms reach.  It's tough painting them when your not used to skipping details that you would normally paint on a 28mm version.  They are insanely fast to paint though, which is nice.

So between these 4 small bases there are 52 foot troops, 9 cavalry, and 1 cannon.

Lastly, the overall picture of everything I painted this year.  Sorry the image is blurry, I took it, thought it was good, packed everything up and then found it wasn't great.

From Curt:

Oh geez, these Napoleonics look fabulous Byron (in two scales no less)! That 28mm battalion looks terrific with it's mounted commander at the front and colours flying.   

I see you discovered the 6mm rabbit-hole of trying to figure out just how much detail to paint. Yes, you're right, don't sweat the details as they are never going to be seen closer than an arms length away. Minimalism and impressionism is the modus operandi here. Now, you just need to do a couple thousand more and you're off to the races! ;P

I love that last image with all of your Challenge works arrayed on parade. Fantastic stuff Byron.


  1. Nice Nappies Byron! :)

    6mm definitely takes some getting used to, especially if you are used to painting lots of details. I've probably painted more detail on my ACW boys than I really need to.

  2. You should make more promises like that Byron. The resulting output is gorgeous! Great too see everything you've painted together like that too.

  3. Congrats Byron - those look great. That 28mm battalion is fabulous!

  4. Love the 28's and those 6mm are quite the thing as well


  5. Nice nappies! And wee nappies too! Nice group shot too! Its hard to believe the challenge is over, I was at my painting desk this morning waiting for my coffee to brew! ;)

  6. Wonderful, and in two scales as well!! Pretty sure the mounted officer is Perry as I have two of them! :)