Monday, 13 February 2017

From MartinC: A Very Random Post (155 points)

I've had a very busy week, the York Show last Sunday, 2 days of prepping the figs I bought, a fantastic game of Zombicide with Blaxkleric by video on the Analogue Painting Challengers Google+ Community on Saturday night and all day Sunday I was fighting the 3rd Battle of El Teb with the Old Guard Wargames club, plus a quick game of Impetus (My first) with me and DaveD as Rep Romans vs Pete and John as Carthage. Dave was recklessly brave and I was resiliently tough. We won. Yay us. More details on my blog.

Enough of the excuses, this is what I've painted

Midianite Camel Archers. These were originally from warlord with 2 archers per camel. I was never happy with this so I bought some camels from Irregular Minatures at York. Repainted the archers and put them on the camels

Resin Staff Car - also from York show. Can't remember the company

Steam Punk Sailors out of a Northstar lucky bag. Gave the bases a Martian colour with brick red ink

French Foreign legion - Unfeasibly Miniatures. These are nice figs.

That is 16 infantry, 6 mtd and a staff car. If I get a wriggle on there will be some more before deadline

MilesR: Random indeed but very nicely done!


  1. A nice motley mixture of stuff Martin :)

  2. We like to see posts with camels!

  3. A very nice mob of randomness. I quite like that staff car and I feel a need to get some of those FFL miniatures. Well done!

  4. Cheers. The Legion are really nice figures, slender but well proportioned. The staff car is a resin lump and was £6. It was made by Urban Construct who have some interesting stuff

  5. Highly random Martin, your ultimate improbability drive must be humming! Like the car and the sailors.

  6. Neat mix of figures. That staff car turned out well!

    1. cheers, it was hard to find something that pushed my buttons last week

  7. Fun collection, I like the steampunk sailors

  8. Great work Martin, I do like the Unfeasibly Minis!

  9. Nice eclectic bunch, Martin! I really like the steam punk sailors and the FL troopers. I keep getting these ideas for pulp gaming and those fellows really stir the want list! ;)