Monday, 13 February 2017

MilesR - MONDAY!!!!

Yeah we got a big steaming pile of Monday Goodness lined up for you.  So pull on those hip waders and get ready to wade through a giant mound of miniature madness.

You're intrepid Monday reporter is back from the UK and looking forward to getting some more time on at the painting desk.

As for today we've got all sorts of tabletop piece d'art for you to gaze upon in the 9 posts that are queued and ready to go.  There are rumors that even more Monday goodness is in the pipeline.

So far we got

- Ellies

- Native Americans

- Calvary of many types

- A car

- Phalanxes

- Austrians

- Persian rugs and a fiddle playing dog lover

- Spooky Organized Skeletons

- and more, so much more

Despite only having 4 100+ points bombs, this Mondays tipping the scales at around 1,000 points - looks like the teams decided to take it easy on those other little days of the week.  I wouldn't count on the Monday mercy to last must longer...

So buckle-up buttercups, the fun's just getting started...


  1. Yeah.. bring it on team Monday..

  2. You see, since Miles was last year's champion, I thought it only fitting to give him a load of paint-a-holics to manage this year.

    You're doing a great job Team Monday!

    1. Hmmm - maybe I'll post the rest of my submissions a miniature at a time....

    2. Truly hoist by his own Petard is Miles. As his minion last year I am very pleased to see him juggle these paint bombing fanatics.