Monday, 13 February 2017

From NickJ - Bloodbound & Tzeentch

Once Upon a GW Weekend...

It all got a bit Inception like as I set myself a challenge within The Challenge (capital letters for the Analogue!). Last weekend a group of us went North to Lenton: home of Games Workshop. The weekend involved alcohol. I'm pretty sure it involved gaming and many, many laughs but mostly I remember the alcohol...

Anyway, I set myself a challenge to ensure I had painted 1 unit from each of my Pentagram Factions prior to the trip. All well and good except for the minor issue that I lost 10 painting days thanks to work sending me to the U.S.

So did I finish them all in time? You've already seen the first 3 factions - Skaven, Daemons and Beastmen so now let me introduce you to the 4th Faction: Khorne Bloodbound.

This is a unit of Blood Warriors (I make no comment on the fact the Bloodbound unit includes the word Blood in their title)

I ended up having to speed paint these. On the Monday before the trip North they had no paint on them save the undercoat. They were done bar the basing in time for the trip! The basing was completed after arriving back home.

I'm pretty pleased with them given the fact I hate speed painting and am incredibly OCD about details.
Bloodbound are normally depicted in Red & Brass/Gold. I opted to dry brush Red and then the armour trim is actually a Lead colour metallic paint washed with Yellow shade.
The weapons are painted in a similar style to the flame swords my Daemons were sporting but this time purely to give a contrast rather than as an actual flame based weapon.
Now I can hear you asking about the 5th faction. Did I achieve my goal?

Well let me show you:
This is a Magister. He represents the final faction of the Pentagram - The Disciples of Tzeentch (the first T is silent. Ish)
Now this chap had absolutely no paint save the undercoat on the Thursday morning. Yes 24 hours before the trip North he was somewhat Paint Deficient.
Also I lacked blue paints. So yes I had to go out and buy paints in order to get him completed in time for the weekend! This chap is a Sorceror (as most of the followers of Tzeentch are) and again considering he was speed painted across a single day including shopping trip and finishing at 10pm I'm very happy with the results.

So there we are. Mini-Challenge complete. Another 6 28mm figures completed for the army bringing the total to 46 and adding 30 points to my Challenge total. Still a long way to go mind and now work have decided I need to be in the U.S. again for 2 weeks. It's going to be a real challenge to hit my 500 point target but I'll keep plugging away and who knows I might hit that target in time for next year's challenge!!

MilesR - Ha you go to the states and I go to the UK on business.  If only British Airways would let us paint on the flights...  Anyway, these are superb figures - your use of orange hues is really very impressive


  1. Nice trick with the yellow glaze

  2. Usually the alcohol is what I don't remember...

    Well done Nick. Have to confess the overwrought Chaos stuff is not my particular cup of tea, but you've done fine work (at speed, no less) and that Magister is actually a very creepy and compelling sculpt - somewhat unusual from GW these days.

    Fine brushwork all around - and you should reward yourself with another pint(s) know, for meeting the Challenge within the Challenge...

  3. The flaming stuff is nicely done, it's hard to pull off especially in masses but you're done a great job

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  5. Considering this was a speed paint job, you've done astonishingly well, especially with the last chap, the tzatziki fellow. Very nice effect with him in particular.

  6. Really nice work for a quick paint job, and the high contrasts with the flaming parts vs everything else will look really sharp on the table.

  7. I really like that Magester. Great job on the blues and the magical flames. As Greg says, it an oddly subtle figure from GW. Well done!

  8. Very nice story and even nicer mini's!

  9. I can attest to how hurry and spelly these are - please don't paint any more of them ;)

  10. Thanks all for the encouraging comments; I'm thoroughly enjoying this Challenge. And thank you to Miles for posting this as I forgot to email him after creating the post!

    Greg - good point on the reward of a pint. I'll see what the hotel bar has to offer!

    Jamie - sorry but I can see more of these in your future.... (where's the evil laugh emoji when you need it...?)

  11. Very fine work, Nick! The bloodbound are very impressive, but that sorcerer is stoning good for the time you gave him/it! ;)

  12. Love the contrast the orange provides, nice job.

  13. Impressive looking loonies! Especially figuring in your speed painting.