Saturday, 18 March 2017

From ByronM - Last Post - Canadian WW1 and USA/Soviet Modern 6mm (51 points)

Well this will be my last post for this year's challenge as my wife and I leave in the morning for a week away relaxing and doing nothing.  This post is very rushed as I had to finish the figures and get some hurried pictures together, all while supposedly packing and getting ready to leave in the morning.  Shhhh.... :-)

The figures turned out pretty well, but the picture didn't and I don't have time to redo them, so I apologize for that.  Since I am short on time, you also will not be subjected to one of my long "how I painted them posts", so that is probably a win for you all by now.

Anyway, I had fun this year, met my goals, and learned some new things painting wise so it was all good.  I hope everyone else had fun and thanks again to Curt for running this circus!

6x 28mm inf = 30 points
8x 6mm vehicles = 16 points

total: 46 points

Thanks again Curt!

Tamsin: beautiful work Byron and you deserve a break - we won't tell the missus that you were painting when you were meant to be packing! For a consideration of course... ;)

I'm going to count the MG as a foot figure, so that gives you an extra 5 points, giving you 51 for this submission. Even though you haven't provided a painting guide this time!

Enjoy your holiday!

By the way folks, this leaves us exactly 20 points shy of achieving our overall target of 75,950 points and I know that there are a lot more points in the posts waiting in the queue so I think it's fair to say that we've cracked it! Now, let the points bombs drop, sandbags away, tanks roll and let's see just how far we can penetrate behind enemy lines...


  1. I read the title post stating that the submission was 6mm, looked at those Canadian infantry figs and freaked out!!! Great job in any scale Byron, they look awesome. Enjoy the break mate

  2. Beautiful work Byron! Those aircraft are stunning but my heart goes with the Canucks in the soft caps. This remeinds me that we have to get another game in of Through the Mud and the Blood.

    Have a great vacation and thanks again for your help this year!

  3. Lovely work on those Canadians, and the Cold War stuff looks very sinister and threatening.

  4. Have a great vacation, Byron!
    The WW1 Canucks look wonderful, but I really like the CAS stuff you did. The A-10 and hinds being favorites are very well done!

  5. Great work Byron. I love the Canucks! Hope you have a good holiday.

  6. Great brushwork Byron. Those air assets will really come in handy for "Team Yankee"...poor Dallas will lament the arrival of my Su-25s for sure...