Saturday, 18 March 2017

From SanderS, StefanK & MichaelA: We Three Kings (Curtgeld 70 Points each)

In the run up to Christmas a flurry of emails passed between fellow challengers SanderS, Stefank and myself as we started to come to grips with the idea of joining forces in order to produce the 'Curtgeld' required to meet this year’s entry requirement.  This was always going to be the highlight of the challenge for me as the idea of collaborating with two friends over three countries in order to produce a single coherent piece was a challenge we all wanted to be part of.

Giving the festive time of year the throwaway title of our correspondence, We Three Kings, stuck and I can't tell you how many spirits were lifted every time I saw it in my inbox.  There were several ideas floated as to what to do, but we all felt that ideally we should submit something that might fit with one of Curt’s existing collections and before long we were all thinking Italian Wars and in particular Landsknechts.

This in turn pricked a memory and after a bruising and exhaustive search of the loft here at ‘Awdry Towers’ I fell upon my quarry.  Some years ago I had been gifted, from my good friend the Provost Marshal, a collection of Redoubt Miniatures Landsknechts, these were little vignettes and so seemed perfect for the job.

True, their appearance was a little ‘of their time’ and perhaps lacked some of the finesse of modern day sculpts, but nevertheless they seemed to fit the bill.  Unable to decide which of the groups of characters to work on we agreed to have a go at finishing them all and after the random distribution of miniatures (random in so much as I closed my eyes and counted them into piles), they were duly packed and posted to the continent.

We bravely attempted to embrace new technology with a group web chat to discuss tactics and colours and it was during this that I discovered the more mischievous side of my compatriots as when deciding on colours it was agreed to go for a particularly odd mix, perhaps in a bid to encourage Curt to create his own, equally resplendent, if somewhat lurid, unit in response. How we chortled.

After our initial exchanges things fell a little quiet as we all started to get on with our own personal challenges, but I am delighted to say that we have finally arrived at an outcome.  I can’t explain how thrilling it was seeing the miniatures reunited and then assembled to the bases and if I have one regret it is that Stefan and Sander couldn’t see them together before they were sent to Canada.

This may well prove be our final post of the challenge this year and I am delighted that it is to showcase the collaboration of Sander’s, Stefan’s and my own work as we look to fulfill our obligation and provide Curt with a suitable memento of our involvement in this year’s ‘Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge’.

I think it was fair to say that this little project took us all out of our comfort zones, whether it were coming to terms with a different period, understanding the nuances of painting using a white undercoat or battling with the nine stages (I kid you not!) that went into mimicking Curt's groundwork, but for all that we are genuinely pleased with our efforts.  However, I leave you with a final quote from Sander, "I will never paint Landsknecht ever again!"


From Curt: 

Holy Wow, this is just amazing - I'm a bit gobsmacked really (and I have a sneaking suspicion this will occur a few times this weekend). What a tremendous vignette! Like all the others we've seen during this edition, this diorama typifies the amazing teamwork and camaraderie the Challenge can create. Michael, I loved reading your description of digging up these treasures (and with guilt-by-relationship we have Richard 'The Provost Marshal' helping as well - brilliant!). I had no idea that Redoubt did Landsknechts, which means I'll have to sneak away later to peruse their catalogue. :)

So much to take in with this piece. Amazing. The raucous reveling, the camaraderie the espirit de corps... Much like our three-month Painting Challenge! As you suggest I think I will have to create a corresponding unit honouring these fellows. I will call them, and please correct my German guys: 

Das Herausforderinnen! (The Challengers)

Sander, I completely sympathize with your comment - these guys are an absolute terror to paint. Unfortunately, whenever I'm in the midst of painting one of the blighters, and vow never to do another, my resolve crumbles when I see them completed and end up priming more!

As for points, I will share out the entire entry equally to these three lads (including a healthy nudge for the terrain), with 70 points each. 

AND I see we've pierced through our target! Fantastic. Bravo to everyone!

Now, after seeing this, I need to find a flagon of beer and shank of mutton...


  1. @ Curt - you asked for your German to be corrected - it should be "Die Herausforderer", "Das Hearausforderinnen" is "the Challenges" :)

    What a wonderful Curtgeld submission from this trio. Lovely painting, lovely basing and such great figures. Very well done to you all for coordinating your work to such a splendid degree; I have no idea who painted which figures :)

    @ Sander - you do realise you've gone and done it now with that comment? I reckon that Curt is going to demand Landsknechts or their equally riotous Swiss rivals as Curtgeld next year! ;)

  2. What a brilliant Curtgeld submission- top marks to all. And I say that with the memory of painting doublets and feathery hats fresh in my mind :-)

    With this added to the Australian submission, your Landsknecht collection will be a most international effort Curt and most impressive to see all together!

  3. Fantastic stuff! And it really complements Curt's inspiring bases!

  4. Wonderful stuff folks. I like the purple and yellow livery - and am looking forward to hearing about Curt's attempts to reproduce it.

    FYI Curt - next year there should be a prize for best Curtgeld!

  5. Incredible work guys, very well done!

  6. Now that looks like a fun party! I'm not sure how much of that livery is proper uniform and how much is party altered! Grand group effort!

  7. An excellent choice for Curtgeld