Saturday, 18 March 2017

Stick a Fork in Me, I'm Done - even the Curtgeld (sorta) (MartinC)

So this is it. I've come to the end. My painting table is empty. I started with 9 file boxes of unpainted, prepped figures and I'm down to 6 file boxes. I've painted more than that, but as always there has been buying and even casting.

I've really enjoyed the Challenge this year, the video chats have been great and I've even played a game of Zombicide with Blax via the video chat (that was a blast - Howard the Duck with a chainsaw is lean mean killing machine).

The figures I've painted have been wide ranging from Napoleonic Persians to the Angel Gang and from old school fantasy figures to flat pack trucks.

The quality this year from the participants has been very high indeed and too many to keep count of. Well done all and special thanks to Curt and my Minion Miles. whose maths wizardry is without comparison.

So what have I painted for my final submission. Well remembering being pipped at the post last year by Miles with the last post of the challenge I've gone big.

First up 2 units of ancient Persians, cue hippy stylings.

I bought this unit of 16 spearmen from ebay. They are OK and came without spears, which wouldn't have been a problem but they also came without hands. I now have a lot of handless arms in my bits box. Shields are from 1st Corps

This unit of 24 Sparabara is from 1st Corps and is really excellent. The best unit I've bought from them

Next some random stuff

Captain Bentine US 7th Cavalry - Wargames Foundry

Pierce Arrow Truck from Warbases - really nice kit - with added machine gun from Pulp Miniatures. Very useful for VBCW

For my Curtgeld this year I teamed up with EdwinK, the purveyor of the books we like to read. Unfortunately he's been busy and not finished his half so I'm going to jump the gun and post my half now. It's that famous Belgian detective, not that one the other one.

Tintin and Snowy - Edwin is obviously doing Captain Hastings - I mean Haddock. These are by Copplestone and are fab.

So how do you end your last post. Obviously with something big. With no sense of irony present 10mm Prussians and Danes

over the last couple of years I've been collecting Prussian and Danish figures in 10mm from Pendraken to refight the 1864 war and start a new imaginary world war 0.2 or 0.3, depends who you ask. I've now finished them all. This is a Prussian Regiment

6 hand painted flags

I had a few surplus figures so I made some Prussian skirmishers

and some Danish ones

Every regiment needs a commander

Finally a couple of stands of Jaeger

Right that is it.

40 x 28mm foot = 200pts
1 x 28mm cav = 10 pts
84 x 10mm foot = 84 pts plus a generous flag bonus
1 x 28mm Tintin and Snowy = 10 pts?
1 x 28mm truck with machine gun = 20 pts?

That's about 324pts and takes me past 4000 points. Yay me!

Right, I'm knackered so thank you all. Pint time

*prod, prod*
"Well, you did say to stick a fork in you!" ;)

What a fantastic mixed bag to close out your Challenge. Those Persians are Nebuchaneser's knees! 

Unfortunately I can't give you an extra 5 points for the machine gun on the truck - if a Tiger tank with an 88mm gun scores 15 points, so does a machine-gun armed jalopy I'm afraid. But I am awarding you some bonus points for the flags, shields and hippy-chick costumes on the Persians. Plus the 20 points for your Curtgeld. Now, let's see what the Spreadsheet says. My word! A nice round 350 points. I think you could be safe from Miles in first place but you'd better keep on painting just in case ;)

Enjoy your pint! :)


  1. Cheers, been blast but Miles is circling

  2. Brilliant work Martin and great work on the hard march to the finish. Now only time will tell what the others will come up with (nibbles fingernails). I must get some of these Warbases vehicles - they look marvelous. Finally, thanks so much for Tintin and Snowy. They will make great characters (and victims) for Cthulhu shenanigans (I love the idea of Snowy actually being an Elder Thing in disguise...).

    1. Thanks, it's been great winter. I understand you may be a Partisan this year. We are running a game, Dave's getting the Mahdists out.
      I have a small confession, my knowledge of Cthulhu begins and ends at tentacles. I'm sure Tintin will keep his end up and Snowy had better behave

    2. Well, if they're going up against the Great Old Ones, it's just as well that Haddock is heavily armed (if he ever makes it across the Atlantic).

      But Snowy an evil entity.. I may have to go and lie down and read my Paddington book.

  3. great challenge Martin , and another great mix of figures. Your company one the chats has been great .

  4. Cheers, it has been great. We appear to be a gang, which is nice

  5. Wow - what a fantastic selection of minis to finish out with

    I'm very impressed

    1. Cheers, it's been a pleasure to trade blows with you. Never though I would get over 4k. Now don't you have 285 points to enter in 30 hours and 10 minutes

  6. Impressive entry, great job!

  7. Well done Martin - I'm glad you hit the 4K mark, even if Miles has pipped it.

  8. Great work to the end Martin. I like those Persians, and Tintin and Snowy are the best.

  9. Great work Martin - well done this year. Excellent stuff!

  10. Grand work,Martin! An excellent smorgasbord of a post to complete your run too! That truck is very slick for a flat pack kit and I quite like the US cav capt. I see Leonidas has some excellent wall material too! ;)