Saturday, 18 March 2017

From ValeryN: 149 figures for Flames of War -15mm (300 Pts)

Hello everybody! Today I present to your attention the result of my labors in the last month. This is almost a full-fledged army for the Flame of War system: Engineer-Sapper Battalion.

They were elite Soviet combat units intended for storming cities and fortified positions.

Most of the soldiers in such battalions wore a steel breastplate:

In total I painted 149 figures: 34 medium bases of 4 soldiers, 3 small bases of 3 soldiers and 2 smoll bases of 2 soldiers. This is 298 points
Unfortunately, the lens of my camera is not good enough. In this regard, I apologize for the poor quality of photos.

Tamsin here: wow, what a great points bomb to kick off the day. I guess this explains why you've been quiet for the past few weeks - you've been beavering away to get this lovely lot painted.
As you say, 298 points for this lot is the base, but I hate to see non-round numbers so I'm going to add 2 to make a much nicer looking 300!
Now, I see that will put you on 900 points - it would be a shame not to get another batch of figures painted before the hard end to double your original target :)


  1. Excellent work, Valery! Those are excellent wee troops! I can see who the tanks are protecting, but these fellows have a bit of a slog to catch up to em! ; )

  2. That's a whole heaping helping of 15mm infantry. well done. cheers

  3. Very nice, love a good horde.

  4. Kaboom! Great points bomb Valery. Well done.