Saturday, 17 March 2018

From LeeH: Looking Forward! (4 Points)

While everyone else is busy dropping points bombs on poor Curt I decided to go out quietly with a fun little vignette. So here is "Looking Forward" to the next Painting Challenge. For me this is the culmination of my most productive period of the year. I hit my target (and then some) and now I can relax into a summer of gaming with my newly painted figures. This is also the time when I begin collecting new models and books and looking ahead to 9 months of preparation and growing anticipation for the next Challenge. 

I have no idea where I got these two 15mm figures. I guess they were a freebie from somewhere but try as I might I can't recall where from. These two cheeky chaps are full of character and were good fun to paint.

Incidentally this last entry resisted all my efforts to photograph it. Until now I have used my high end compact camera to photograph my entries but I just couldn't focus close enough to get a good shot for this model. So next I retrieved my trusty DSLR with an assortment of different lenses. I tried a macro lens but couldn't get the colour balance right, then I tried a telephoto from a distance. All the pictures were rubbish so in the end, in desperation, I whipped out my phone and took some pictures on that...and they were the best of the lot and are the ones I have used! Seriously, thousands of pounds of camera equipment and I end up taking pictures on an £80 camera phone!!

I have to admit to being a bit worn out after the frenetic activity of the lest three months, and it will be good to take a break. The treble 0's will be packed away and Ill be moving on to 4" brushes because I have promised to do some home decorating! Now all that is left for me to do is take some Body of Work photo's to post early next week. This years Painting Challenge has been excellent and I'm constantly in awe of the quality and quantity of the entries. When I describe the Challenge to outsiders I never refer to it as a mere competition. Instead I always call it a Festival of Painting and this years event has once again raised the bar in terms of quality and variety. A huge thank you needs to go out to Curt (and the minions of course) for running such an excellent event and I for one am already looking forward to the next AHPC in just 9 months time! 

From DaveD - Its guest minion slot once more which is great. Its been a joy to watch your production through this challenge Lee and fine small last gasp entry it is. Isnt the typical with camera.. well they certainly look just fine!  I suspect you will need a very large stock up.coming up. Enjoy your gaming with new toys!

Great stuff Lee a grand total of 1307 - 30% up on your target - good lad - Huzzah!


  1. Great looking Gobbos and an excellent way to finish this years challenge. I can only agree to your sentiments.

  2. Great final post. I'm looking forward to see your group shots, the Zulu project has been a highlight this year.

  3. Lovely goblins, really enjoyed your zulus and brits this challenge!
    Best Iain

  4. Great fun! Clearly one is looking forward whilst the other is carrying boxes of sprues etc.