Saturday, 17 March 2018

From ByronM: Zombies, Zombies, and yet more Zombies (1130 Points)

When I started to paint things for the challenge this year, and started painting large numbers of Greeks and Mechanicum forces I got challenged by the wife about why there were no zombies on my painting table.  Zombicide is one of the only miniature games that my wife will play, and we have all of the expansions.

I started painting zombies in monochrome 2 challenges ago, and have a bunch done, however we always run out of zombies and I have never done anything other than the normal zombies in black and white monochrome scheme.  That meant we normally stuck to the basic games so we could use painted figures, but the wife made the logical complaint that with all the other painting, surely I could get some more zombies done for our games.

SO.... starting from week 1 I started to get at least 10-20 zombies done per week to add to our collection.  I also made the choice that posting 10-20 here and there would not have the same impact as posting them all at once.... is everything I have gotten done over the course of the challenge in all its monochromatic glory!

As you can see there are several different shades shown here to match up to different types of zombies in the game.  I have done them as follows:
- Normal zombies - grey scale
- Berserker zombies - red scale
- Toxic zombies - green scale
- Skinner zombies - yellow scale
- Dog zombies - grey scale

Nothing here is at all original though, I came across an excellent site years ago when looking for ways to quickly get through the mountians of plastic that came with the game and found Carmens site that has a number of guides on each of the colour schemes required.  You can find a lot of info on his blog here: Carmen's Miniature Painting Blog.

Also, nothing here is painted all that well, or neatly.  The nature of the game is that handfulls of zombies go on the table, and handfuls of zombies come off the table each turn.  The are there more for effect (and look good when there are mobs of them on the table) but each one individually looks pretty poor. These are not figures that you would show people to say "here is how I paint stuff", but when grouped up they look pretty cool, and the different colours let you quickly identify what zombies do what and to sort the threats visually very quickly.  The photos are worse than the figures are too, since I obviously could not put them in a light box with that may of them, so there are only a few pictures that show up any detail at all well (the green one shows the shades properly for some reason, and the rest don't).  They also look much much better than bare plastic, so there is that.

Lastly, as you can probably tell from the big first group shot, there are a LOT of zombies here.  This is in addition to the almost 100 grey scale zombies that I already had done!  The total numbers here are as follows: 
- Normal zombies - 64
- Berserker zombies - 36
- Toxic zombies - 36
- Skinner zombies - 80
- Dog zombies - 20

I think that this submission should appease the wife on the zombie front for at least a little while...  But then again, our copy of Zombicide: Green Horde showed up the day after finishing all these and she said "Come on, you havent painted Black Plague yet and now have Green Horde to do, quit slacking off!",  those will have to wait until next year though, as I am still madly trying to finish off the last of my greek units.


Ka-Boooooom!  Brilliant job Byron, what a bomb to drop on me at the last.  Like you I have long admired Carmen's grey scale zombies and have often thought of doing something similar myself, just need to pluck up the courage first.  These look awesome and I love the different colours to represent the different zombie types.  With regards to points, I have decided to give the dogs the full 5 points, thinking that any discrepancy in scale would be offset by the fatties and abominations so that is a whopping 1180 points to you Sir!  


  1. Awesome points bomb Byron :)

  2. Bloody hell, that's a points bomb alright! Amazing work, Byron, and great job on the colour schemes!

  3. Now that’s a points-nuke.

    I’ve also admired these colour-coded zombies and you’ve replicated them beautifully.

  4. Great big zombie points bomb!
    Best Iain

  5. Great stuff! Happy zombie killing!