Saturday, 17 March 2018

From PeteF: Various Command Stands, ECW Shot and a Shapeways NCO (110 points)

For submission 18 - which may be my last of the challenge - I tied up some loose ends. 

First was a Napoleonic Russian General and drummer which I made into a command stand. I was hoping to get this submitted last week but my cat attacked the general's horse and broke its legs. I had to use greenstuff and do some drilling - hopefully it's not too visible.

Next is a 3D printed 30 years war NCO from Shapeways. This cost nearly 5 bucks excluding shipping but I wanted to see what the state of the art was as an experiment. The surface is quite bumpy - there is a resin that comes out smoother that wasn't available for this particular model and does cost a bit more. Verdict: Shapeways won't be displacing the existing manufacturers and artisans just yet - although the figure would work fine as a game piece.

By December this year I am hoping to have both sides painted up for Wetzel's Mill - a battle in the AWI southern campaign shortly after Cowpens. These are a few command figures and stands cobbled together from some Perry metals and Warlord sprues that I bought as a job lot online. The Banstre Tarleton figure is the Warlord mounted general that comes on the artillery sprue with a Washington's guard head from the Continental Infantry sprue.

Finally I completed some more mostly dressed in green shot for a Pikeman's Lament army that will be completed sometime in Challenge XV.  These are from Warlord's King & Country set. 

4 Mounted (3 Warlord Plastic 1 Warlord Metal)
14 Foot (1 Warlord Metal, 1 Shapeways Resin, 3 Perry Metal, 9 Warlord Plastic)

110 points


Thank you for this Pete, a lovely post and nothing to taxing for my addled brain, points wise.  I was interested to hear about the 3D printed miniature, clearly the way things are going, but somewhat heartened to hear that we are not there yet.  Another 110 points to the tally, but can you finish the last remnants that you have on the painting table by Tuesday?


  1. Nice work Pete :)

    Obviously your cat recognised that the legs of that horse were weak and fragile, that you haven't realised this and so drew your attention to the need to reinforce them by the only means available - breaking them! ;)

  2. Nice work sire. I thought that the Russian general's horse just had a stocking - I didn't realise it was a plaster cast ;-)


    Richard C

  3. Nice Russian general, the AWI figures are great and always good to see some ECW types!
    Best Iain