Saturday, 17 March 2018

From RichardC: For two special ladies (15 points)

A very small entry, but one to keep me going until a somewhat larger effort in a couple of days.

The wife of my esteemed minion, together with my beloved other half (aka the Saintly Mrs Awdry and the Long Suffering Briony) share a love of animals, and one particular beastie is close to both of their hearts – the Highland Cow. For those of you who like looking at photos of "the real thing", here is a Facebook link to the genuine article -

Here is my take on the long-haired hippie of the bovine world. A family of Highland Cattle. They are from Warbases, and I picked them up at last year's Salute. I decided to paint them in a winter setting as this time next week, we will be in the Highlands of Scotland, in a nice pub having a wee dram of something single and malty whilst the wind blows snow drifts against the back door.
I shall leave it to Michael to allocate the points.

3 x 28mm animals; Warbases.

Very nicely done Richard and I'm sure the ladies will be delighted with your rendition of these fine beasts.  I think a straight 15 points for these, but you must try and complete your other project before Tuesday!  Best of luck in the Highlands and looking forward to catching up when the thaw comes!