Saturday, 17 March 2018

From: SanderS - The Grand Finale Part I (127 points)


These being the last few days of Challenge VIII, I am desperately trying to gain my points target of 1000 points. To do so I have painted up two vehicles and some Indian Mutiny figures.

Let's start with the vehicles. First up is the last of my GI Joe Armadillo's.I had 3 of them printed and while I painted the first two of them in the clean canon pint scheme, I also wanted to have one in a more gritty and stowage endowed version. So therefore I painted one up as a desert vehicle. Sadly I am lacking decals for it so those have to wait, but it is otherwise finished.

The next vehicle is an 1:72 Reviresco WW1 vehicle, it is meant as a sort of proto LRDG vehicle for the Egyptian Expeditionary Force or the one functioning in Africa during the Great War. The load is left separate and I misplaced the driver figure so will have to source  a new one. I am very happy with this little piece.

Next up are 20 Mutineers from the Indian Mutiny era made by Mutineer Miniatures, how many times can one include the word Mutineer in one sentence eh? ;-)

These depict the Mutineers of the middle period of the conflict where most uniforms and equipment have been discarded but not everything yet. I have some units of early Mutiny rebels in uniforms in cue, but those will not be done during this Challenge. I have another project going for next week.

So that pretty much sums up my last regular Friday post, so let's look at the points.
- 1 vehicle in 1:72 scale is 12 points
- 1 vehicle in 28mm is 15 points
- 20 Indian Mutiny figures is 100 points thus totalling 127 points.


Excellent work Sander! It's great to see another addition to your GI Joe force. The dessert colour actually works very nicely for these models. As cool as the Armadillo is I must say that the Reviresco jalopy takes the prize. I particularly like the stowage and arid groundwork. Finally, the Mutineers are terrific. Those sculpts are so characterful and your brushwork has really made them bloom. The officer in the looted jacket is especially eye-catching. A wonderful collection of miniatures!