Monday, 8 January 2018


Good Monday Morning, from the Monday Paint-Minion!!!

WOW….now THAT was a weekend!! I’m not speaking about the number of bottles of wine left in my recycling bin (for once).  I’m thinking of the quite spectacular (and incredible number of) entries for the first of this Challenge’s “Themed Round”, focused on ‘Flight’.  Hands up everyone who spent until late last night drooling over the entries?  Yes, quite a few of us, including me.

Great work, fellow Challengers!  And, as they say, that was just the start of this week’s fun.  

And the Monday Challengers are determined to keep up the excitement here, folks.  This morning we’ve got some wonderful entries on show.  In fact, I’d say that we’ve got it all – from angry bears to grizzled German grenadiers; from smart Austrians in line to scouting Abteilungen; from armoured Demon Princes to armoured cars; and from the steppes of Mother Russia to the quiet corner of a quiet tavern where a dwarf is lighting his pipe.

It’s all here, folks, go don’t go away.  And do not be concerned, dear Challengers, if you explode with the sheer excitement, wonder and paint-a-liciousness of it all.  If the worst happens, your Monday Minion will be sure to use any superglue left over from this weekend to resurrect your blown minds!!

Have a great week everyone and take your seats for the Greatest Painting Show on Earth!


  1. Great start to the week! Glad the Monday crew came prepared! :D

  2. I have been having terrible blogger trouble - its takes my comment and then vanishes it! -- think I have found a way on different machine and browser so back to playing catch up from my sick bed!

    1. Soldier on Dave! It's what any good NCO would do, even those consigned to the French Foreign Legion these days...

  3. Delighted to stand proud as part of Team Monday!

  4. And a belated good morning to your good self, Sid.

    Monday have a crack team of painters, plus myself