Monday, 8 January 2018

From KyleC - Deamon Prince reinforcements (100 points)

The gang of Deamon Princes for my growing Chaos Death Guard forces grows by 3 more models.

The first photo shows the whole gang together (something I hope to field soon!) with the front 2 being ones that I have shown or painted prior to the competition.

The other 3 are the new recruits each with their own flair.

First up is one from Games Workshop. He has sat assembled for a few years due to the lack of interest in 40k. But with 8th edition he was pulled back out and is ready to get in on the action.

Pulling together the same cream and black color scheme as the rest of the army, he fits right in with the rest. Though his sword is a bit more attention getting but looks rather cool to me. And gives the army some spots of colors as well.

This is the first of 2 Deamon Princes of Nurgle from a now out of business Canadian company called Ultraforge. Though it does seem that the owner has gone on to create Creature Caster in its place, but more on that later.

I say first of 2 as I had received 2 batches of them from the company. As the first batch went missing in the post while I lived in Turkey ( most likely sitting with some guy from customs ), the second batch that showed up came alongside the third batch. Though this one was terribly miscast in the end. And when you think that it took almost 9 months between when the order was placed and when the 2nd and 3rd batches arrived.. well I was informed to just keep the miscast ones.

Which you can see a bit of it from the mold slip line on the arm there, and how the scythe on the next one is a bit bent.

Although I had paid for the wings for all the models, it seems in the miscast batch they had not bothered to put them, but for the ones that did.. well now we have some more flying Deamon Princes!

Which in 8th edition are pretty deadly and a lot of fun ( for me ) to play with!

So there you go.. 3 more big guys finished this week. Along with my flight entry which I will post separately. I have 3 more Deamon Princes to go.. all from Ultraforge, and there are 2 more sitting around in a box somewhere as well that I plan to repaint in these colors and make work for this army. But that will be dealt with as/when I can find them!


Wooooaaaahhhhhhh..... Oh good Lord...Someone call the Grey Knights NOW!  Who on earth opened the warp this early on a Monday morning?  Anyone see where these three are heading?  For Terra?  Golden Throne - get my shuttle ready NOW....and get me Eisenhorn's cell phone number, pronto...

These are just superb, Kyle.  Really terrific work on each of these Daemon Princes, and congratulations on making that whole unit look consistent and toned.  I love the way that you've kept the colours muted and complimentary, and haven't just plumped for super-lurid paint-scheme number 6.

The rusted and corroded armour on the Nurgle Deamon Prince is terrific, as is the hints of purple on his winged associate.  Really splendid work.

Points scoring these is not easy, but I think it more than fair to equate each one of these monsters with at least three 28mm cavalry figures.  Let's round it up to 100 points for the three, with a hearty pat on the back for a great submission.


  1. Very nice work, the muted skin works extremely well for these chaps.

  2. Very nice work on this very nasty looking crew Kyle.

  3. Nasty bunch of demons, lovely painting!
    Best Iain

  4. Suitably grotesque and threatening! Well done Kyle.

    I can't help but think that the talons growing out of the legs look like a pair of hands ready to goose the owner. Maybe that says more about me than it should...

  5. i like the details and color choices, very appealing monsters

  6. What a wonderful bunch of nasty, icky lads. Brilliant work Kyle.

  7. As if your ground pounders and heavies weren't icky enough.....grand work on these, Kyle! I like the purples and blues so not nurgle, but you certainly make it work and it really gives your force it's very own flair!

  8. Very very nice. Great color scheme on these demonic dudes. Cheers