Monday, 8 January 2018

Go Tuesday! Go Tuesday!

Hoi there Challengers!

Have we got a load of eye-candy for you today! The Tuesday Crew is back with a vengeance. After 3 posts last week we are up to 9 today so sit back and relax for a day of splendidly painted figures.

So what have we in store for you today?
- Kent will bring us some Fallschirmjäger and Napoleonics
- Noel starts a new ECW force and does some Boxer Rebellion figures
- Alex has painted up a few nice Spearmen
- Sebastian goes all ratty on us.
- Martin has outdone himself in a true Time Travel through Military History
- Phillip brings us the Little Folk
- Russel starts his Tour of Duty with a nice melange of subjects in his post
- Tuomas puts the Monster back in the Challenge with fire and brimstone
-  Eric will try out a totally new period for his entry

So you see, there's heaps to enjoy today ladies and gentlemen!


  1. ECW and Boxer Rebellion? It's like Christmas all over again for me!

  2. @Millsy: Yup! and boy are you in luck because all submissions are really very good!

    @Curt: erm sorry, seems I was a bit early with my post, but it's Tuesday already over here, only just but Tuesday never the less ;-)

  3. Yippy for the Tuesday crew, oh yes my Tuesday is your Monday hehehe

  4. Awesome work, Sander!! All achieved without pictures of minions ;)