Monday, 8 January 2018

From ValeryN - German grenadiers 15mm (120 Pts)

Hello everybody!

In addition to the Soviets, I have another army for FOW - Germans. And today I present to your attention a little reinforcement my Germans. This is 60 figures of infantrymen in the late period of the WWII from the starter set "Open fire":

Some bases separately:

In total, 60 figures and 120 points.

Fantastic work, Valery!!  These grenadiers really do look the business!  They're just perfect as the "universal infantry" of the late-War period - and so versatile from Russia, Poland, Hungary, through Italy, Normandy, the roads to the Rhine and Germany itself.  I love the war that the bases have that tough, slightly scorched earth look to them, as the grenadiers fight through devastated villages and ruined towns.

Great work, Valery.  And a well-deserved 120 points for your total!!


  1. Nice painting and lovely basing!
    Best Iain

  2. Keep being impressed much how you, 15mm aficionados can get so much in painting terms from such small models... really nice

  3. Nice - the mix of uniforms is very effective.

  4. A hefty sized reinforcement. Nice base work.

  5. Love see FoW models, and these are great! Nice work on them all!

  6. Hopefully they fight as good as they look!

  7. Superb German Imfantry, Valery! I like the detail you picked out on them and the groundwork is certainly well done!