Monday, 8 January 2018

ChristopherS: Very Angry Bear (10 pts)

Not a good time for a misfire!! Johnny decides a retreat is a wise idea and takes flight in the face of what now is a very angry bear! This was going to be submitted in the flight bonus round, but in my typical absent minded way I forgot to re-read the corrections e-mail and submitted it to late. A lesson in paying better attention.

I wasn't sure if I was going to enter this round as I didn't plan on doing anything flying, but decided I do need some more deployment points for Sharp Practice so this little funny idea popped into my head....

After digging around in my boxes of lead I came up with a 28mm Perry militia figure and a 28mm  bear from Conquest (Warlord now I think) to do the little diorama. It was quite fun to do and I'm looking forward to doing more deployment pieces for Sharp Practice as they allow you to find use with all those extras that don't quite fit into units.

The figures were painted using mostly Foundry colors with some Vallejo here and there. The bases is natural wood, stones and mixed sand with various grasses and tufts plus my trusty MIG pigments and a bit of craft paint, Foundry and Vallejo to finish it.

They are 28mm figures so should net me 10pts.

Thanks for viewing!
Miniature Company-Perry, Conquest(Warlord)


Exit, quickly, pursued by a bear.  And a very angry one at that!!  What a great deployment point, Christopher.  That really is quite a beast, coming at you, lumbering through the woods, enraged and confused, grumpy, disorientated and hungry.  (It reminds me of myself after my last cross-country "fun" run).

The colours really work perfectly, and the variety of paints you've used work well together.  And, of course, none of your figures would be complete without your fantastic, trademark tufts and flowering grasses - although I doubt that Johnny's going to be lingering long to enjoy them.

Terrific work, Sir, and another 10 points to your total!


  1. Very nice indeed, the rocks really work on the base and I'm a huge fan of these fun little points of interest on the battlefield.

  2. "Exeunt stage left, followed by a bear"

    Nice work Christopher :)

  3. Great work - a very effective scene from the lead pile. Nice basework

  4. I think he need to running faster!

  5. Lovely vignette, the bear works extremely well!
    Best Iain

  6. Masterclass painting my friend! A shame these didn't make it to the bonus round. Looking forward to see this little gem up close.

  7. Great painting - and something that hits home to someone who spends a lot of time in Northern Ontario...

  8. Superb work Christopher. I'm sorry it didn't make it for the theme round but am delighted to see it here under 'The Big Tent'. :)

  9. A beautifully crafted vignette Christopher! The composition with the militiaman looking back over his shoulder as he runs for his life is spot on and the basing really caps it off. A shame it didn't make it in for the bonus round as it is a more than worthy entry.

  10. Cracking work Christopher! Shame it didn't make the bonus round as it would definitely have been one of my favorites there

  11. i really like the scene you created and the base work ties in well, creating an attention grabbing story

  12. Hilarious scene, Christopher, and very well rendered! Hunting bear definitely challenges the food chain theory, especially with muzzle loaders! ;)
    I like the shading on the figures and the groundwork is spot on for Northern woods!

  13. Thanks guys I appreciate the support!