Monday, 8 January 2018

From BenitoM: Austrian Napoleonic Line and Ladnwehr Infantry (80 points)

Despite having finished my holiday break on Tuesday, I have been fairly active in the painting front during the week. And even had time on Sunday to play my first game of 2018 (a Napoleonic battle with General d'Armee).

My submission today are first, two line Austrian Napoleonic infantry companies of the 3rd Infantry Regiment.

With these two companies I've finished the second battalion of the Regiment.

The second part of the submission are two companies of a new battalion I've started to paint. In this case is a Landwehr battalion, the so called "Vienna Volunteers", a unit made of 6 battalions of which four saw important action in the 1809 campaign, participating in some of the well known battles in Austria that year.

Painting the distinctive dark grey uniforms of this unit was quite relaxing after so much ultra-white of the Line infantry.  

I also provided some diversity creating a firing line with one of the companies.

The line infantry are a mixed of Perry and Victrix; the Landwehr are all Victrix except the heads which are leftovers from my Perry boxes. All minis are 28mm scale [the true and only scale :-)]

A total of 16 infantry 28mm minis x 5 points = 80 points to be added to both my Challenge and the Black Powder Duel scores respectively.


Terrific work, Benito!  The One True Scale is in safe hands with these wonderful figures.  I love seeing all of your submissions, as they roll forward with the steady, methodical, precise, measured gait of a Viennese drillmaster.  This is going to be an amazing army when it takes the field.

The second battalion of the 3rd Infantry Regiment look just about ready to commence campaigning, and I can see that the Vienna Volunteers are going to complement them perfectly.  I agree entirely that the darker grey uniforms of the Landwehr are a fine contrast (as well as being a welcome relief for you eyes after so much white).  Proof, if any were needed, that it is always good to change one's tailor from time to time.

Wonderful work, Benito, and 80 well-deserved points for your already-impressive total.



  1. Very nice indeed, the grey is very striking.

  2. Excellent Austrians! I believe this is the most difficult in painting army on Napoleonic

  3. Excellent work on all of these Austrians. I especially like the Landwehr with the firing line poses - plus goofy hats get me every time.

  4. Oh man this army brings back nightmares when I attempted a 1/72 scaled version of them... no where near the patience for them as you have! Great work here!

  5. Great work Benito - man, I would love to do the Vienna Volunteers as well...great stuff.

  6. Lovely looking Austrians , beautifully done!
    Best Iain

  7. Great work Benito! I really like the look of those Vienna Volunteers. As you say, a nice break from the white-on-white of the rank and file.

  8. Great stuff Benito! Really like the Vienna Volunteers.

  9. Outstanding! Love me some Austrians! I too am painting up some and must borrow your idea for the Landwehr heads on the victrix bodies!

  10. Thanks for your all your very nice comments

  11. Those splashes of red and green are great!

  12. The Austrians may have been a headache for you, Benito, but I sure do enjoy your Napoleonic painting. The blending and controlled brushwork is simply fantastic.