Saturday, 20 January 2018

From GrahameH: WWII German and Ancient Numidians (820)

As soon as the challenge started real life got in the way and this is my first entry. My painting has slowed considerably compared to last year, but have managed to completed some painting.

First. Two captured Sherman tanks (Battlefront 15mm) for my 21st Panzer Div 1944 for Rapid Fire.


A battalion of infantry, again for the 21st Panzer Div (Battlefront 15mm - HMGs Forged in Battle) (Total 31 Figures and 2 HMG)

 Next 15mm German Cavalry Regiment 1940 - Rapid Fire

(52 Mounted Figures - Peter Pig)

Dismount (Battlefront and Peter Pig Horse Holders)

(15mm 38 Foot - 2 Guns with 3 crew each - 18 Horses and 6 Horse Holders)


15mm Numidians (Essex)

A hut, 36 mounted figures -102 Infantry - 2 Elephants and 5 Crew each)

4 Warbands
  1. Warband

Hopefully the next posting will be the transport for Infantry 21st Panzer and German Cavalry Regt.


Welcome to Challenge Grahame and what an entry!  Staggeringly good work Sir and I can't thank you enough for the handy breakdown of units to help with my awarding of points!  I have to confess that I know little of working with 15mm miniatures, but when I look and my beloved 28mm and try to imagine working on something half the size my admiration for your post increased ten fold.  Tremendous start to your campaign and I am happy to award you an impressive 820 points!


  1. An enormous and brilliant 1st entry. What a way to open your batting

  2. Grahame - sandbags are meant to be dropped at the very end of the Challenge, not at the deadline for first submissions! ;)

    Splendid work :)

  3. You do realise you can do more than one submission per Challenge right? :-) Absolutely stunning work Grahame! I'd like to pick a favourite but I'd be here all night.

  4. Beautiful work, Grahame! I love em all especially the captured shermans, but I really like your colorful Numidian force. That is a lot of color and detail you packed on those wee fellows!

  5. like them. What ww2 ruleset are you using?

  6. Welcome back to the Challenge Grahame! Lovely work. I especially like the German cavalry (always had a soft spot for Peter Pig 15s).

  7. Well that's not a bad start Graham!!!! Love the German cav.

  8. Lovely collecting of Germans there!

  9. A wonderful mix of goodness there but my fav are the captured Shermans and the Cav Regiment! A similar unit of Cossacks are on my 'to do' list for my 1941 Russians

  10. Wow, lots of goodness there! Nice to see cavalry from WWII. Really like those Numidians too!

  11. What a great first entry, you would struggle to get two more different units in the same post. Welcome

  12. What a brilliant first entry, great looking Germans and Numidians!
    Best Iain

  13. Very nice work, but those German cavalry are the scene-stealers!