Saturday, 20 January 2018

From KeithS: Irish Spearmen (80 points)

Ho hum, more spearmen!  Today's batch is my first group of 16 Irish.  They are all from Gripping Beast.  They're a rough crew, to be sure!  How are they different from the Welsh I recently did?  Well, they have even fewer shoes and fewer shirts.

A few up close from behind, including one of the more natural lads sans shirt.

I rather like the poses...very much action oriented!

And some more.  I think that the tassels are supposed to be fur tufts for decoration...anyone out there know?

Yes, yes - I cheated and used shield decals!  However, in my defense, I bought them ages ago and it really would've been a waste not to.  And, they are specifically for the Irish and not just generic Dark Ages stuff.  I promise to hand paint a hundred shields as penance!

That's it.  I have another largish batch of Irish to do as I can find he time (work is a real nuisance, making me travel to such wonderful winter destinations as Omaha and Albuquerque!).

That's sixteen lads at 5 points a head, so an easy 80 points.


Cracking post Keith and I love how we now are distinguishing between the Welsh and Irish by a lack of shoes and shirts.  You really can't knock the sculpts and poses and you have done another excellent job.  As for the shields, I think the decals look great and I know how hard they are to get right - fiddly little things - so well done again.  Another 80 points to your tally and best of luck next week. 


  1. No shirt, no shoes, no shield wall! These guys are really good, Keith!

    I suspect the shaggy cloak is a Norse fashion - 'rogvarfelðr', typical of the Norse Gael culture. It's a cloak of wool cloth with contrasting tufts of woollen yarn pulled through the fabric in bunches. I like to paint it up in 'natural' undyed shades, but the Irish were famous for their 'saffron' kilts and tunics, so your colour choices are probably period appropriate!

  2. Nice bunch of Gaels, I like your colour choices.
    Best Iain

  3. Nice work Keith! The shields obviously cost them shoes and the shirts off their backs! ;)
    Nice color choice on this block of spear too!

  4. Great work Keith, I don't think I'd be painting any of those shields by hand! More decals please!

  5. Great work on these Irish Keith! Love the colour choices.

  6. Lovely stuff, and the decals work well!