Saturday, 20 January 2018

From RayR: 28mm 17th Century English Horse & Mounted Civilians (95 Points)

 Phew! Finally got some figures done!
The first 6 x 28mm figures are from Warfare Miniatures and represent a generic English of Jacobite
Horse regt at a pinch they could be French as well. These will be used for Donnybrook, when I can get my butt in gear!!

The next 3 figures are from Col Bill's Depot Battalion
Once again these will be used for my Donnybrook games......yeah I now?

Not too sure how Mr Campbell will score these as there's an extra lass on one of the horse's, but I guess you already noticed that! 

Now I gotta take the kids swimming for 2 1/2 hours. Wonder if I'll get time to finish my 
BFG Bonus round figures!!
Fingles crossed!


It's great to see that you've come out of your sick bed, Ray, brush in hand and purpose in your heart! :)

Personally I'm not a big fan of Warfare Miniatures' castings, but you've done them great service here. Besides, who can go wrong with a bunch of red-coated donkey-wollopers, wearing floppy hats, festooned with pistols and swords? I like those mounted civilian models as well, especially that one of the young girl riding side-saddle behind her father. An excellent series of poses and quite useful for the tabletop, I'd expect. 

These nine equestrians, plus passenger will give you 95 points for your tally, Mr. Rousell. Well done sir!


  1. These are great, glad you are alive now

  2. Lovely horse unit and I hadn't seen those mounted civilians before, perhaps I need them? I'm sure Sydney does!
    Best Iain

    1. They're great figures Iain, Col Bill does some crackin' civilian figures.

  3. I quite like that regiment of horse, Ray! They look excellent in red and floppy hats! I still haven't grabbed Donnybrook, but I'm sure the mounted civies will certainly get good use.
    You'll need some buildings for some good swashbuckling action soon with this lot and the infantry from last year!

    1. That's one thing I don't have the buildings, but luckily Postie has.

  4. Nice looking horse Ray! The red coats and the floppy hats are always a hit. Great civvies too, lots of uses for those.

  5. Well done Ray! Especially like the civilians.

  6. Those mounted peasants are great!