Saturday, 20 January 2018

From AlexS: Hundred Years War, Fantasy, Civil War in Russia (630 points)

Hello everybody! My name is Alex, I'm from Russia, and I'm a Stakhanovite.

The fact that I'm going to move to another apartment and about a month I can not paint. Well, or I can, but not so much and quickly, as usual. So I decided to meet the monthly rate for a week. Let's see what happened.

Firstly, I finished my concept project called "One hundred miniatures for the Hundred Years War." This project will allow me to play small games for the period of the hundred-year war in Europe. Until I was determined who it would be - the French, English, mercenaries or just bandits. So I did not draw any symbolism on clothes. Most likely it will be a big gang (or even two) of tuschenov or jakery.

The next part of my work - these are two large additions to my collection of fantasy and miniatures for a visual novel for the period of the civil war in Russia.

I really love this event because it is possible to paint miniatures that have been in the closet for years and decades.

For example, this Bretonian knight, made up of a warrior of chaos and an oldschool ogre.

Or an old necromancer and a miniature from the firm "Rackham"

Or here is such a strange set: the barbarian from the Russian manufacturer "Technologist", the elf of the work of a Czech master and a goblin made from a skaven.

Well or here such classical and new miniatures from GW

I paid special attention to miniatures for the period of the Civil War in Russia.

Blacksmith and French (?) pilot

Crazy with a shaft and an old Cossack.

Junior officer of the White Army.

Two Orthodox priests. The one on the left is made by the great Russian sculptor Presnukhin. On the right - also a Russian sculptor, they both made these miniatures for Siberia Miniatures. Since they are molded by Russian sculptors, in details they correspond completely to reality.

 Cook and hand bear. Some of the villains in my visual novel are a cannibal cook, and a bear eats people (in Russian it is connected with the play of words, but I'm not sure that it is understandable in English).

Farmer and his wife with children. Miniatures do not quite fit in appearance to Russia, but I have a German colonist with his wife and children.

A woman in a national Ukrainian suit and a veteran of the Russian-Turkish war.

Many thanks that you read this great post and looked at all the pictures. I think now you can give my wonderful curator Michael a break from my endless posts.

124 inf 28mm - 620 points
1 monster creature - 10 points


Wow!  No, seriously wow, Alex!  Your posts are just amazing and always so varied in content.  The 100 Years War project would have been stunning enough, but the characters that you have selected for your visual novel are really intriguing and I can't wait to hear more about it.  I am more than happy to honour your 630 points.

Best of luck with the move and we hope to have you posting again soon.


  1. Incredible. Really amazing work on such volume. Love the Russian civil war stuff

  2. Paint like Stakhanov! Amazing output, Alex, it's an incredible effort. Brilliant work!

  3. Another Alex points bomb! Very nice work indeed and an amazing output for a single week :)

  4. Lots of great stuff in there Alex but my favourite has to be the old skool ogre. I really must get one of those for my collection.

  5. Gosh, love the 100 years war stuff, barmaid looks great, the mad civil war chaps look super too!
    Best Iain

  6. Lots of nice work here on some really nice sculpts, Alex! I like the blast of 100 yr war minis, but that is a serious upstage by that eclectic mix of fantasy figures.
    I really like the orthodox church priests, they would be useful for most any period and the civilians for your civil war game are likewise a nice mix of useful models.
    Just remember you don't need to move all your stuff in one trip like that fellow pictured. I don't envy you the work of a winter move either! ;)

  7. That's a crazy amount of figures nicely done to really like the hundred years wars stuff, hope your move goes well

  8. That's a lot of figures!!! Nice one Alex.

  9. Wow! This is a brilliant load of miniatures Alex. I think my favourites have to be the two Orthodox Priests. Best wishes on your upcoming move!

  10. A brilliant submission Alex - the characters really steal the show!

  11. Wow that's a sh*t load of Minnie's Alex. Well done on the wonderful variety pack!

  12. That’s quite an amount of painted lead! Great work Alex.

  13. That's a great set of work- those priests are superb!