Saturday, 20 January 2018

From KeithS: Irish Hounds (80 points)

Slipping in this one at the last minute...

Continuing with the Irish, somehow I ended up with two sets of Irish war dogs -- it seemed easier to paint them all than sell a set on eBay.  These are the usual 28mm style from Gripping Beast.  Unfortunately, only two poses for the pups, plus a handler for each set.  I did a little internet research on Irish Hounds -- I thought they came in a variety of colors, but apparently they are all pretty much grey.  However, I did a pair in a dark brownish-red just for a little variety (I was thinking of the hound in the movie Thirteenth Warrior).

The family portrait:

A couple of the springers and their handler.

 And some dog butt.

 These guts probably heard some food hit the bottom of their food bowl (that's the only thing that gets my own dog moving fast).

That's it for this quick edition of Life in Dark Age Ireland.  Nothing too exciting, but a worthy addition to my Irish war band for a future game of Saga.  I'm tracking 16 28mm figs for 80 points.  Next in the queue are the Irish elites to finish that sub-project, so that I can start to tear into some other things I'm itching to paint.  As a federal employee, depending on how the whole budget thing goes, I might have a lot of painting time in the very near future!


And there was I thinking this was going to be a quiet weekend!  Well done Keith, another 80 points to the tally.