Saturday, 20 January 2018

From MilesR: 28mm Pirates Unaligned Faction (125 Points)

My first of several Blood & Plunder Factions for this Challenge - the rather unsparingly named "Unaligned Faction" - 25 28mm metal figures.  These are really "beefy" sculpts with lots of character.  I did find cleaning them up to be a bit tedious.

Not being part of any faction allows lots of variability in how to paint the figures and that was a lot of fun.  I decided to base them on a simple "sand" base using a vallejo textured sand. I tried a few sceniced bases but they just didn't look good on the ship models.

More scurvy pirates .

The Captain of this motley crew.  Hmmm, I wonder where his ship is?  Perhaps she'll show up  in a future post?

A peek and some new terrain with LEDs - the light flickers like a flame and will be partially concealed under some coal.  What dungeon doesn't need a still?  The still parts were all 3D printed.


This is a great looking mob of pirates, Miles! I've only seen the promotional ads for these figures and it's nice to know that the models live up to the original 3D renders. I like the vibrant colours you've gone with and sand effect you've achieved from the Vallejo product looks very...Caribbean! Another similar product (and perhaps a bit cheaper than Vallejo) is Liquitex Texture Gel. It's acrylic based, so you can mix colour directly into it and you can get it in a 8 fl oz / 237 ml tub for around $8 US. Greg, Byron and I have been using it by the gallon for years now - love the stuff.

Is this for a new participation game you're planning, Miles? With the hint of an upcoming barque in the offing I sense a Miles-Proportioned Level of Escalation to this project. :)

125 Points for you, Mr. R!


  1. love the still, really love alcohol

  2. Lovely pirates Cap'n Reidy! :)

  3. The still is quite inspired - nice work on the scurvy sea dogs as well!

  4. Looking good Miles. Can't wait to see the still finished!

  5. Nice still, great pirates, looking forward to the fleet that is no doubt bearing down on us!
    Best Iain

  6. Obviously the unaligned sea dogs have been using their spare time to manufacture medicinal supplies for pure altruistic reasons. ;)
    Excellent work on the pirates, that is quite the motley crew! I like the LED lighting for your dungeon crawl too, can't wait to see what you light up next!

  7. "I did find cleaning them up to be a bit tedious."
    Agree 100%. Good job getting through them and the LED work is looking great!

  8. Excellent brushwork Miles! Love the still, what a great idea!

  9. Yarrrr! What a great bunch of scurvy dogs Miles!
    Love the lit up still too - awesome :-)

  10. Wasn't there a group Non Aligned Nations movement in the Cold War era, headed up by Marshall Tito?

    Anyway, fine scurvy looking dogs you've got there Miles. Move the still and light!