Saturday, 20 January 2018

Flight - or the bonus round that never was: From Richard C (30 points)

The subject for the first bonus round didn’t appeal at first. My interests pretty much end with the 19th century (I did consider a member of Napoleon’s Balloon Corps, but even I draw the line at too many Napoleonics!!!). I did make model aircraft in the dim and distant past – Saab Drakens F14 Tomcats were particular favourites. 

I then thought wings – you need wings for flight. Why not something winged, Greek and mythological? No, I’ll leave that to a later submission.

Instead, I plumped for something with wings that was a little more martial. Back in the 1970s, I added a Polish Winged Hussar from Minifigs to my ever-growing lead pile. Ever since then, I have always had a soft spot for these colourful chaps - indeed, my good friend and Minion Michael A painted an old school Winged Hussar by Hinchliffe a couple of years ago.

An order to Warlord games saw the three figured landing on the mat, quickly followed by pennants courtesy of Battle Flags. Reference material came in the form of the Osprey Warrior series book on the Hussars (a last minute Christmas present from the long-suffering Briony). The pennants are from the fine folk at Battle Flags.

I was originally going to base them as fighting in summer, but I then re-watched Alexander Nevski, and thought that a charge through the snow might look good. I therefore went for part of a charge at the Battle of Pitschen (Byczyna) which took place on January 24th 1588.

Sadly, real life got in the way, and I missed the posting deadline. So these must constitute not only a normal post but also my first post
– although looking at the entries for that bonus round, my interpretation may have got me in, but the superb standard of the entrants would have put mine to shame.

3 x 28mm cavalry figures from Warlord.


Welcome aboard the good ship Challenge VIII mon brave!  Sorry that these missed the the 'flight' round, but happy to see you on the scoresheet with a solid 30 points, bravo Sir! 


  1. Nice work Richard, sometimes you really do have to think laterally with Curt's bonus rounds. I got away with murder last year and my Flight bonus figures were a flock of geese!

  2. Nice to see these - I have a load of 1st Polish Armoured Division stuff (painted and still to paint) and I too have a soft spot for the 'Winged Hussar'! Nice to see an older slant on what I'm used to!

  3. Great to see the Poles make it on the tally board. Nice work on theses tricky figures.

  4. Nice work on these hussars, you could have chosen something a bit more challenging? No, I bet, seemed like a good idea at the time though, I like the snowy base too and I'm tempted by a Polish army for this period!
    Best Iain

  5. I feel your pain I missed the flight bonus round as well, but unlike you it was my fault! Very nice first entry!


  6. Welcome, great winged hussars - nice take on the theme

  7. Lovely figures, shame you missed the theme round!