Saturday, 20 January 2018

From TeemuL: Great Old One and Old Beastmen (65 points)

Nurgle seems to be strong this year, there has been lots of Nurgle posts on this Challenge on various Warhammer battlefields. As I mentioned earlier, I'm joining in a Age of Sigmar Firestorm campaign with my mixed Chaos army. I painted some Beastmen before the challenge and the puppet master (Tzeentch Sorcerer) at the start of the challenge. Now I present some additional forces. Behold for the Great (Old) Unclean One, the metal sculpt that you can use to kill people for real. It's not my intention, do not worry.

I started stripping paint from this one before the new Nurgle models were announced during the Christmas period. This is of course much smaller than the new plastic sculpt, probably the size of new Nurgle Beast. I have plans in the future to give him a bigger base and something to make him stand taller to better match the new model. But that will have to wait for the inspiration and time.

I aimed for a pretty simple and basic green paint job, with hints of yellow and blue. I could have (or should have) used much more time on this nice sculpt, but then it would probably never be ready nor the way I would imagine it to be.

I used the classic Goblin Green and green sawdust on the base with couple of Middenheim tufts to give him an old school look.

Then some really quick paintjobs, this is basically my personal lowest possible tabletop (not far from the highest, though:)). Then old beastmen from the Battle Masters game. It was a co-operation of GW and MB, if I remember correctly, similar to HeroQuest and Space Crusade. I have never actually played the game, but years ago I bought a box of miniatures and there were quite a lot from that game as well.

The paint scheme is quite simple and in the end everything was covered in flesh wash. Only the horns and hairy parts got a light drybrush from Ushbati Bone. Being all identical, I made some freehand arrows to their shields, very crude and not worth of extra points. Some green sawdust, tuft and goblin green was enough for the base. They have 32mm bases, I plan to use them in my Chaos army as Gors.

Great Unclean One fits nicely to the monster theme of this Challenge (although Curt is not the biggest Nurgle fan here), but I have no idea about the point value. 54mm figure, 10 points? 28mm vehicle, 15 points? 28mm monster, xx points? The beastmen are 28mm, and kind of monsters as well, so they score for 50 points.

Here are all them


Wonderful Teemu and who doesn't like a big scary monster, especially with this year's theme?  He certainly is a big fella and so I am going to score him as a vehicle giving you a total of 65 points to your tally.


  1. Wonderful work, Teemu! I like the great unclean one, I wish I had a model or two of the first Gen sculpts that preceeded him!
    The beaten work really well for a down and dirty rush and look really good enmass. I'm sure they'd fill a mob of beast men real well too!

  2. I drank too much red plonk last night and that first fella is exactly how I feel right now. ;/ Nonetheless, great work Teemu (love seeing those old Battlemasters getting some attention).

  3. Good looking great unclean one, fast job or not he looks great! The battle masters beast men are great too I've got a pile of them somewhere got them from the pound shop!
    Best Iain

  4. Nice work Teemu, lovely green colour on the first guy.

  5. Great stuff. Lots of Nurgle being posted that's for sure. I do like the old one you have. Classic in my book. Great beastmen as well. Cheers