Saturday, 20 January 2018

PeteF The North Remembers - Stark Bannerman (6 points)

I'm a big fan of Game of Thrones and have wanted to do some conversions for a while - I have some Dothraki that I started, gathering dust on the shelf of shame, which I'll get to after the Challenge.

I was assembling some Saxon Fyrd for my SAGA army and saw that one of the bodies had a diamond quilted jerkin (or is it a surcoat? Jacket? leathery tunic?) like the ones the Stark footsoldiers have on the show. I got his head from a Perry foot knight sprue. The helmet was the closest thing I could find to a Stark lid.

My other SAGA shields are decals - I decided to hand paint this one - Winter is Coming! I might be getting a magnifying glass for my birthday to help with this sort of thing.

I enjoy the occasional game of SAGA and think it would be fun to have Game of Thrones factions - one day I'd like to make up unique battle boards (and dice?) for them but in the meantime you could just use the existing battle boards. Anglo Danes for the Starks. 

Aiming to post something every week - even if it's only for 5 points. 

Wargames Factory Saxon Fyrd foot soldier with Perry Foot Knights head.


The joy of the Painting Challenge is that it keeps us all motivated and, well painting, and if that means one at a time then so be it.  Who is going going to quibble at a post of one miniature when it is done so well?  Fabulous job Pete, the freehand on the shield is sublime and a lovely conversion to boot so I am awarding 6 points to your tally for this.


  1. Great work on this fig, Pete, he's an excellent conversion. And that freehand shield design is a gem!

  2. Nice work Pete :)

    The quilted jacket is a gambeson/jack which consists of layers of linen stuffed/padded with wool, linen or sometimes straw. They could be worn on their own or under metal armour and were actually quite effective protection against cuts, thrusts and arrows.

    For GoT Saga, I'd be surprised if someone hasn't already done battleboards for the various factions - it might be worth taking a look on the Saga forum

  3. Excellent work on a war game factory sculpt! I like the freehand on the shield very good stuff on an obvious Stark warrior.
    Hopefully you'll get some more of this project out, a very good start!

  4. Excellent brushwork, just love the shield.

  5. Lovely work, brilliant shield!
    Best Iain

  6. Great figure. I do love what you can achieve mixing and matching bits from various plastic kits. That shield just rocks!

  7. Very nice stuff, and well done for the shield!