Sunday, 18 March 2018

From Millsy: Yet More Boxers (60 points)

Yep, that's right. Yet more Boxers. The buggers are near endless it seems. Quite possibly this is what it felt like to face them in real life. Thankfully I have only another 15 left to paint. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DAVED PLEASE DO NOT SEND ME ANY MORE. :-)

Right then. Another 60 points in the bank.


From Sander:
Well Gimpa-Din, you are progressing nicely with this project! It is a joy to follow, both the figures as well as your custom terrain are da bomb mate! While I relate to having to paint too much of the "same" figures, and yes Dave is very generous (keep sending them in Dave, let the Gimp suffer!), I do not think these Boxers have suffered from your Boxer-painting-burn-out, they are superb. The basing is great too by the way. 
Thanks for all your efforts this Challenge both as Side duels Wallah as well as contestant, it's always great having you around.

Cheers Sander


  1. I think a Hong Kong action film skirmish game is in order...

    Excellent work on these fierce fighters!

  2. How does he think I feel with a 1000 mahdsists!!!

    good job there mills!

  3. Lovely work Millsy, but for proper play balance I think that you need many more Boxers!

  4. Good lord, that's a fine heap of Boxers you're accumulating. Well done!

  5. Nice work Millsy! Luckily the finish line is already in sight with only a handful of them left!

  6. Nice bunch of boxers!
    Best Iain

  7. Good work, Millsy! Don’t let Dave see you’re suffering!