Sunday, 18 March 2018

From: RussellG - A final flurry of paint! ( 90 points)

Having beaten my total last week, and having run into trouble with a few painting projects, I had to rummage through what was lying around for something for a final post before letting the brushes rest for a bit.

The Airborne infantry for Vietnam came to an abrupt halt as I had ran out of bases to put them on, my Hordes Grymkin ended up being left in the box as I need to do hours of work on removing the mould lines, and i ran out of Gripping beast plastic Vikings to paint.

So after a good bit of digging here are my final entries this year.

 This sorry looking collection is the Japanese starter fleet from Ground Zero Games GZG, this is how they looked last week after finding them in a box, forgotten and un-loved.

 And here they are now, happy little ships ready for a game of Full Thrust in the near future.

A simple paint job, base colour yellow, pick out details with white and red, engine wash blue with white highlight, and a dark wash.
I am not sure how to point these up due to the varying sizes but if agreeable I would be happy with 5 points each, as the smallest are the size of a 28mm infantry figure.
9 ships at 5pts = 35pts

 Next up, an objective marker for Flames of War, another item that had been basecoated and ignored.
I think it is a Battlefront product, I just can't remember where I got it, the usual ooh shiny effect and then left at the back of the desk.

Again, a simple to paint model, with the use of a good dark wash.
For scoring it has 3 x 15mm figures and a tent.
3 x15mm = 6pts

These are Battlefront M113's. Plastic kits that I bought and built over 2 years ago. They didn't even have an undercoat 2 weeks ago so it was time to get them done.

Fantastic little kit with so many options I have loads of parts left over for future kit bashing, lovely to build and the pack of riders that comes with them helps them really look good on the table.
4 x 15mm vehicles = 24pts

 And the last entry, 24 x fighters for Full Thrust from Ground zero games GZG. These are the from the New Israeli fleet and are a very nice stand in Colonial Viper for Battlestar Galactica.

They will feature in an upcoming project I am working on, I will probably need another 24 of these and an awful lot of Cylon fighters too.
Points wise not sure, they are slightly larger than a 6mm infantry figure so half each?
24 x 1/2 = 12 pts

So to sum up 77 points and my brushes are going straight into the ultrasonic bath.

Thank you all for looking and congratulations to every one of you, whether you reached your goal or not.

From Sander:
Hoi there Russel, I bet you were glad to be rid off me, but since I didn't get a chance to thank you personally last Tuesday, I am taking the chance now! Thanks heaps for the great coöperation and the marvellous spread of great miniatures you've shown us over the last weeks.
Now on to today's entry: star ships and Cold War armour, what's not to like?! While I really do like BSG, the Cold War  M113's are superb. They are so typical for that era and you have done them up wonderfully! Regarding the Vipers, arguably even better looking than X-wings, I will award you 3 bonus points for the fiddlyness of them and the points-unsurity. So, I just filled in the file and it shows a total of 90 points so these 90 points will be added later this day! Cheers Russel till next Challenge!


  1. Nice work Russell - very effective paint jobs on the Full Thrust stuff :)

    1. Thanks, they were easier than I thought they would be.

  2. Thanks Sander, you have been the minion I always needed.
    I missed the Tuesday deadline due to being away, but thought I would sneak this last post in before the door closed.

    Keep up the good work and hopefully we will both be back next year for more fun.

  3. Nice spaceships, love the M113s!
    Best Iain

  4. I like the bright colours on the Japanese!