Sunday, 18 March 2018

KentG 28mm Iberian Cavalry (pts 120)

 Ok so this week has been crazy i've painted 6 out of 7 nights 
which i haven't done in the whole comp normally only painting three nights a week plus saturdays, but what i have been doing throughout the whole challenge is in my lunchtime is painting live on google + analogue painting challenge live chat, can i encourage you to join the group
awesome bunch of guys and has made the challenge even more fun, also it runs all year round so
hopefully ill see some of you guys on the chat

 Ok so these guys are victrix 28mm Iberian cavalry they are really nice figures with great
detail but as per normal with Victrix you need to be very careful with the spears,

 I hand painted the shields on these guys as the client they are going to didn't supply transfers
i must say it took me a lot longer but i'm really pleased with how the shield turned out

12x 28mm Cavalry = 120

From Byron:
Another amazing entry today that I managed to snag to comment on!  Superb work here Kent especially given the subject matter.  I hate painting cavalry as I find I never get them looking real, but yours look superb.  Secondly, hand painting patterns on shields is another thing that I just never seem to manage, yet yours look stunning.  With those two things in mind I will be using my honour guard status as a minion to award an extra few points and bump you up to 126 for the unit.  

Great work, I honestly don't know how you manage to bang out as many figures as you do and have them look this good, and I will miss seeing entries like this when the challenge ends in a few days.  I hope to see more great miniatures like this next year.