Sunday, 18 March 2018

From MartinN: A last hurrah (62 Points)

Another challenge is drawing to a close and what a blast it was once again! So here I am with my last submission for this year. I feel a little drained by now I tell you.

So, in order to cash in some easy points I changed scale and went 15mm.
After having painted a US Paratrooper force for the Battle of the Bulge over the last two challenges, I decided it was about high time to give them some opponents...

... oh well, bugger that.

No, in fact I started work on some US Army guys ready to invade Tunisia/ Sicily/ Normandy. Figures are the current Battlefront plastic offerings. I got them for a steal which meant instead of painting up some Brits for a change, I was stuck with US... again.
The figures are OK-ish. Better than most of their metal ones but still there's the odd miscast in the mix.

And as if that wasn't OCD enough I also decided to paint a ISU-122. It's also from Battlefront and compared to the figures it was a joy to paint.
And truth be told it's all about tanks in 15mm - for me at least.

While being able to paint up whole infantry platoons in 15mm in the same time it'd take me to paint a squad in 28mm is certainly a boon, I definitely don't enjoy it half as much.

With tanks it's a completely different matter. In this scale they have just enough detail to look interesting while still being big enough to make best use of all the different techniques out there.

With 28 infantry and a tank this submission should be worth 62 points, thus lifting me comfortably over the 500 points barrier.

From Byron:

Wow, what an excellent last submission!  I am with you on feeling drained after a busy painting season, but what a way to end it!  I wish you had included some closer up images of the infantry though, because if they are anything like the tank destroyer... wow.  So much to love there with all the subtle shades of green and what I assume are brown or sepia washes and streaks over it.  Simply stunning work in 15mm. 

Also, congratulations on meeting your points goal.  With super high quality entries like this, that is no simple achievement.


  1. Beautiful work as always you are a master painter and I've enjoyed every single entry you've posted congrats on. Reaching your goal pts wise

  2. Just stunning work Nick! Really looking forward to seeing these guys at our next game.


  3. What a beautiful set of miniatures to close your Challenge, Nick. I'm with you on Battefront's infantry but you've made them look spectacular. The ISU-122 is also top shelf work, I especially like how you've highlighted and weathered the beast. Amazing work.

  4. Nicely done . I think I am with you, with my own foray into 15mm, the Infantry are a bit meh,,, but the vehicles have plenty to offer .

  5. Cracking work Nick! That weathering on the ISU is just spot on!

    And I agree with you on 15mm not being as enjoyable on infantry as 28mm. Shame that games requiring hundreds of minis are a bit unfeasible in 28mm both due to the size of gaming tables required and the time it takes to paint up all those hordes. But at least the tanks are really fun to paint up in that scale! That's more or less why I've been moving towards just painting new tank companies for Flames of War instead of more infantry...

  6. More fantastic looking WW 2 figures and armour, love your soviet tank killer!
    Best Iain

  7. That’s a very impressive 15mm Vehicle!

  8. Fantastic work as always Nick.