Sunday, 18 March 2018

From BrettM: German Command (38 Points)

This year was all about painting up the flames of war stuff I had sitting for a while. I've done Soviets, British, USA, and now finally a small command squad of Germans

First time attempting a camo pattern by hand on 15mm vehicles. I tried a couple years ago with an airbrush on some German tanks. Turned out decent but I had used an ink over them and ended up repainting them.

I think it came out pretty decent for first attempt. If anything I think I need to not make as big of lines with the camo paint. Maybe flare them as well a bit more.

Debated on painting the guys to put in the back of these transports. Finally decided not to. Mainly cause I already have 4 German transports with the guys in them so figured it would be easy to use these with no guys to pick out the difference between transports and just "gun" trucks.

Not to much with the Germans. They were one of the first armies I painted so in order to keep them all looking the same I didn't do much to them. Debated this for a while. Finally realized I'm to OCD to have some of an army be different looking so kept it the same paint scheme back when I was first painting 15mm. If I do some Africa or winter troops then I'll change it up.

That's 3 vehicles at 18 points and 10 guys at 20 points. Total of 38 points just over my target. Was going to try to squeeze some more in but with Adepticon less than a week away not much time to paint unfortunately. 


From Curt - Great work Brett! Your halftracks and infantry are very good and certainly look the business. I can commiserate on hand-painting vehicle camo as I've only recently picked up an airbrush and still find myself resorting to my trusted brush and packing foam as it's simply what I feel comfortable with.

38 points for you Brett. Congratulations on hitting your Challenge target - well done and have a great time at Adepticon!


  1. I struggle with German cam, and until I get an airbrush I can’t see myself doing it again. Nicely done!