Sunday, 18 March 2018

From NickJ: Monster, Rats and Birds in the Age of Sigmar (50 Points)

Once Upon a... Good Grief! Is it March already?

The last 5 weeks has seen me messing about with a work project that was a little more intense than we all imagined and involved some extra travel. Suffice to say I had no chance to sit down and paint anything other than Clint Eastwood for the Childhood Bonus.

I was chuffed to hit my target though and so thought that would be that for this year's Challenge...

Until the Snow came to the UK again. The UK shuts down when a flake falls so I suddenly had some spare time to finish off some projects and so here then are my final entries for this year!

First up representing the Khorne Bloodbound is a Khorgorath. He was originally intended for the Monstrous Bonus round but he never got beyond the base coating stage.

He stands a whopping 70mm high and has a fair number of bones/skulls all over his body including a massive right claw!

I tried out a little bit of blending with purples and reds on his legs and arms. Quite pleased with the overall effect.

And the tentacles on his left arm have been painted in the same colours as the rest of the Khorne army weaponry to help tie him in.

Next up let's return to the Skaven and a Warpfire Thrower team

This is basically a flame-thrower with a little more magic involved... and it has a really good chance of exploding when you fire it! Standard Skaven weaponry that can be brilliant and then, if you push it that little bit too far, it goes bang. Love Skaven.

Really nice model and great to paint up. I opted for yellow warpfire and green smoke to be a little bit different. 

And finally I had a promise to keep. Do you remember the Kairic Acolytes that took me weeks to complete? If you do you'll remember that in their command squad they have a bird handler but I didn't complete the birds (Vulcharc) in time.

I promised to have them done during the Challenge and here they are with their Handler.


I kept their lovely plumage green to match the feathers in the handler's head.

As I said before one of these sits on the handler's outstretched arm normally but I just felt it overpowered the model so instead I've set them on flying bases... currently held on by blu-tac whilst I come up with a more permanent solution.

You only need 1 per squad of Acolytes but as 2 came in the box it seemed churlish not to paint both!

I apologise to the minions as I've no idea how to score the Khorgorath! I think the Chimera I did for the Flight bonus netted 25 points and they are close in size.

The Vulcharcs have a 40mm wingspan so perhaps 5 points each or 5 points for the pair?

The Skaven are 10 points. That one I know :-)

Thank you to Jamie for his minioning this year and to Curt for inviting me to take part again. I've had a blast and now I'll have a rest... well I would if my group hadn't decided that we all need to paint a 2,000 point army from scratch in 6 months to celebrate our blog's 10th anniversary. Of course I said yes...

See you next year.

From Minion Tamsin:
Oh my gosh! That is some beautiful brushwork on all of these Nick. I love the vibrant greens on those birds.
I'm going to score the Khorgorath as a 54mm vehicle and those two birds as 5 points each.


  1. As usual, beautiful work Nick. I love like the Warpfire Thrower team and the green Vulcharc. Wonderful colours there.

  2. Love the skaven, khorne monster and birds!
    Best Iain

  3. Nice work expecily those birds.

  4. Great work, the first fellow is quite brutish!

  5. Awesome stuff. The blending of the two colours is really well done! Been interesting watch your projects unfold. Cheers

  6. That’s some lovely work.

  7. Thanks all for the lovely and encouraging comments! More to come in Challenge IX hopefully