Sunday, 18 March 2018

From Millsy: Curtgeld and Sarah's Choice (40 points)

So... last submission for Challenge VIII. [sniff]

I always like to save my Curtgeld until right at the end of the Challenge. It's become a kind of tradition, not unlike leaving out a mince pie for Santa on Christmas Eve. It makes me feel like everything is done and dusted and the guy who makes all the fun happen gets his just reward when his labours are almost over.

This year with no restrictions on what's appropriate for a Curtgeld I decided to paint something Curt can use for one of his current projects. I've got loads of extra Warhammer Fantasy Empire miniatures and they are a perfect fit for Curt's Italian Wars project. So this year under the tree Curt will find three artillerymen, all ready to be added to his army once a suitable artillery piece has been found.

The other half of this final submission is my Sarah's Choice entry for the year. Sander sent me this lovely little piece by Freebooter Miniatures a while back (thanks again mate!) and I've been waiting for an appropriate time to paint her. Coincidentally she is called 'Sarah' in the catalogue so I needed no further encouragement.

Judging by the sculpt she's meant to be an alchemist or similar. Given that's she's dropped a couple of bottles lets hope her recipes are better than her coordination!

Her skirt comes with a removable front piece that shows off a good bit of leg. It's an interesting option but seems at odds with the demure nature of the sculpt overall so I left it in an maintained her dignity. OK, I admit I checked her legs out first but hey, I'm only human...

In total that's 40 points and with that I sneak over the 1,000 point line and nail my target for the year. Pretty happy about that! A couple of weeks ago I didn't think I had a snowballs of getting there.

All that remains then is to thank my fellow challengers, our awesome minions and most importantly our Snowlord Curt and Lady Sarah. I've been involved for 6 years now and every time I have an absolute ball. It's the highlight of my hobby year without doubt.

See you next time peeps!



From Curt:
Aww, this is just wonderful Millsy. All of these figures are tremendous and very thoughtful. After a few bruising scenarios where Peter shot holes through my brave pikemen I find I'm in desperate need of more artillery for my Italian Wars collection, so these fellows will come in very handy. I've always admired that trio of artillerists from the early Perry Warhammer years, especially the Leonardo engineer. Beautiful work.

Sarah the Alchemist is a spectacular figure (kudos to Sander on his good taste). I love the light blue lace on her dress and her blonde hair is wonderfully rendered. Also, good call on going with the more demure version - I think it suits the figure better. Such a characterful model.

Beautiful brushwork, mate, congrats on hitting your personal target and thank you so much!



  1. ROFLMAO! Oh this is a golden post! I do hope that the real Lady Sarah does not resemble this painted version in real life just one bit. She's a poison-brewer! The demureness you guys like to see in her pose is being sneaky!

    All that aside and without joking: apart from Curt, I truly believe the other factor that makes this Challenge a success is it's denizens/ minions. You Michael are right there among the best! So hat's off to you and see you next year kind sir.

    1. Awww.... you called me a denizen! I'm truly touched mate. Or maybe it's indigestion. It's hard to tell.

    2. Ahem, no touching! Well, not until the zip-mask is on. :)

  2. Great work Millsy! Gotta love those classic minis!

  3. Lovely artillery crew and alchemist!
    Best Iain

  4. Lovely work Millsy. But I protest over handing Curt artillerymen - shootings about thew only thing my Italian troops can do and now that advantage is being whittled away! Don't you have Boxers to paint?

    Both Sarahs are lovely, but shame on you for looking up one's skirt!

  5. Very nice work, the Leonardo is a classic. Glad to have shared the journey!