Sunday, 18 March 2018

From JonathanO: 28mm Vikings (44 points)

Oh dear! My participation in this challenge did not turn out to be the success I had hoped for.  Various circumstances reduced my available painting time considerably.  I did manage to get these 8 Gripping Beast Vikings finished to post before this edition of the challenge closes.

 These are the start of my Viking skirmish warband for SAGA and other games.  The warband will have a black and white shield theme.

 This should be 40 points to bring me to a mere 110 in total.  So much for the 1000 point target, sorry about that!

I do have 20 more vikings and 40 WWI Infantry more than half finished, plus a whole 15mm ancient Indian army started. Sadly, these will not get completed in time.  I should have a lot more painting time available in the summer, so I plan to challenge myself to get all my "in progress" figures finished then.

Thanks to everyone for sharing their incredible painting skills (and impressive productivity) and to Curt and all the Minions for running such a fantastic event.



From Minion Tamsin:
It's annoying how life can get in the way of our painting plans isn't it? But these things do happen and at least you have managed to get some things painted, even if not as many as you'd hoped.
Those vikings look great and the black and white shields should inspire dread in your opponents' forces.
I'm going to add a few bonus points for the hand-painted shields. 


  1. Thanks Tamsin. Yes, and at least all the primed and part painted figures are some progress and are ready for my summer challenge!

  2. Nice start to your viking warband!
    Best Iain

  3. Yeah life gets in the way of hobbies and other fun way too often. Excellent work.

  4. Very nicely done, there is always next year.