Sunday, 18 March 2018

From Dave D - 15mm US Armored rifle and supports (222 points)

This is my final entry for this years challenge - more boys and kit for my US Armored force  for Normandy 1944. A mix a Plastic Soldier Company Infantry , and M3s , and Battlefront other stuff.

A full armored rifle platoon - plenty of bazookas!
Full figures = 38  = 76 points
Prone figures = 4 = 4 ponts

The transport 
5 M3 halftracks = 30 points

the transport has drivers, gunners and passengers
29 crew figures - 29 points

The recon secion
4 jeep and 1 trailer = 24 points
7 seat figures - 7 points
1 standing = 2 points

The HQ section and support
3 x  M4 - 81 mm mortar -= 18 points
 with 11 crew  = 11 points
1 M16 MGC  = 6 points 
 with 3 crew = 3 points
HQ , two standing figures -1 seated = 5 points
HQ Tent? its the same size a jeep - or is it terain ? 6 points?

I even included some sandbags - just for Ray!

Total point tally = 230?

Phew - these are cracking along - mind I have a at least the same again to do plus more support elements - but they are getting there.

As for my challenge this should take me to 1600 points - which is under target - but given I lost a whole month to illness its actually on track overall points wise - and I am pleased with the progress. I have finished some more key units for the Sudan - still life in that old dog yet. I have completed my 6mm modern forces with games played. I have started a new project - this one which is going well.   I enjoyed the challenge with Sander and Alex  Its been fun on the paint and chats as well. 

Until next time people - enjoy your painting

From Minion Tamsin:
Your final entry? You've still got a couple of days, and we know that's plenty of time for you to knock out 500 Madhists!
That's a cracking looking force Dave. I'm scoring the HQ as equivalent to a vehicle. I note you've included some sandbags for Ray - maybe on the next one you could ad a badger?
I think your maths is a little off - I made it 221 points and so did the spreadsheet. But I've added a bonus point for the dig at Ray as 222 points looks better!


  1. Dave it's been awesome catching up with you, it bit sad the way the comp started for you with illness but you have made up for it with some wonderful submissions

    1. Thanks Kent , was good to get you on the chats

  2. Nice work Dave. Great you got a point for having a dig at me eh?

    1. I know .. I should have copy and pasted it a lot!

  3. Thanks Tamsin, I am away with the day job for 3 days now , so no brush opportunity!

    1. Tamsin , it was late . Alcohol had been consumed! I think I count a set of crews twice! Damn!

  4. great job, I sense D day in the future

    1. Ooh landing craft ... ok let’s do Utah Beach

  5. Lovely looking US infantry and transport!
    Best Iain

  6. More excellent additions to this force! I shall follow your further progress with interest.