Sunday, 18 March 2018

KentG Probos games miniatures - 65 Points

these are samurai armoured figures that i started about a month ago but finally
finished yesterday they are nicely detailed but the swords a very flimsy and look
like they would break easy 

Now these chaps a re nascar and they are very cool models 
and ive had a hoot painting them very very cool

so the 5 samurai are 38mm high
the 3 Nascar are 50mm high
So the total is ? i don't know

From DaveD Guest minion slot once more . I could not give up a slot to "minion" for Kent who has been A regular on the on line paint and chats - Kents has been the best part of 12 hours ahead of some of us on the chat - (he still would not tell us the lottery numbers) - and was regularly found painting in his "break" for his day job...

A fine entry altogether I have rated these as 65 points of loveliness,

Now what else might Kent have in his tank eh?