Sunday, 18 March 2018

From: AlexK - Crossing the finishing line (260 points)

Hi all,

I'm hoping this final post sees me cross my points finishing line! It's a post that spans scales, eras and subjects.

The first part has been a bit of a pain. I've learnt many lessons whilst painting these chaps.....chiefly that 28mm Napoleonic do not make easy challenge points. These Hanoverians have taken much longer than anticipated and I nearly gave up and switched to something else, whites and yellows over red were never going to be plain sailing but these really tested my patience.

So we have 30 x 28mm Hanoverians that are small part of the Allied forces at Waterloo. They are a mix of Warlord Games plastics and Perry's metal command figures. Now I've had a few days since completing these and I'm much happier with them as a whole. I think spending so much time with each individual figure 10 inches from your face as you paint it can be a bit of a challenge as you notice each little mistake and your morale drops a little bit. My hat comes off to all those that have been throwing Napoleonics out by the bucket load, your work seems even more impressive now.

The second part of this post returns to my Arab 15mm army. Compared to the Hanoverians these were a piece of cake. They're all Essex Miniatures and as usual were nice clean sculpt and painted really easy. The shields are a mix of hand painted and transfers.

The total for these are 24 x 15mm cavalry figures.

Finally I have a few pieces of terrain. Just some simple trees to go with my U.S airborne from earlier in the challenge.

So that's four bases of varying sizes to be judged, the 2 smaller ones are CDs if that helps with sizing.

If my points counting is correct that should be 150 points for the Hanoverians, 96 points for the Arab cavalry and whatever the terrain is worth?

Thanks for looking.

From Sander:
Hoi there Alex, so we meet again just before the end of the Challenge mate. You have surpassed yourself with this pointsbomb! The uniforms on those Hannoverians are really very crisply done, shading is amazing and the basing top notch too. What I like most about the Arab horsemen is their gritty and realistic appearance, very well executed they look as if they've come riding off the battlefield just minutes ago. Now for those trees. While I guess you get the floor measurements of 6 x 6 easily I am not sure about the 6 inch height. So I am going to err on the save side and award you 14 points rounding up the total for 260 points. Is that okay with you? Hope to see you next year Alex!


  1. The Hanoverians turned out very well, I should say. Interesting bunch, you don't see many of them around and very inspiring. Your painting sure does them justice!

  2. A last burst of speed before the finish line! Lovely work!

  3. Nice Hanoverians and those tree stands look the business

  4. Nice Hanovarians and Arabs, the trees are great too!
    Best Iain

  5. Very nice Hanoverians - you've done a sterling job on them and lovely flags too.