Friday, 5 December 2014

Reminder: This week is Open Season on Submission Entries

'Open Season'. Get it. Oh, never mind...
I just want to remind all the participants that for this first week of the Challenge you can submit as many entries as you like, when you like.  We will commence the established submission schedule starting next Friday, December 12th (12:01am CST).  Let's roll.


  1. I'm glad I decided to come up for air and check in as people are already posting. Mine will be turned in on Monday as I just can't paint any faster than that.

  2. Go easy and pick your pace Anne. I now feel beholden to get the first one in so I had to burn the midnight oil to get Boromir done - going to crash soon...

    1. And a very impressive first one it was too, Curt. I can't get over how incredibly enthusiastic everyone is about this Challenge, and its clearly down to your superb organisation and delivery of it. The zeal for painting is rather infectious however, and whilst I was never going to paint anything up as fast as yourself or some of the others, I have spent the day painting brown shoes :-)

  3. Good to be reminded of the first and last week. But I have fashioned a painting timeline now and will Only post on Tuesdays until the last week is reached. But I will still check every day to admire everyonelse's work.

  4. The Challenge is gaining steam really quickly! Fantastic organization work, Curt.

  5. Oops forgot this! Back to the painting desk!