Friday, 2 January 2015

From MilesR - More WWII Figures in 15 and 28mm scales (241 Points)

A bit of a mixed submission and likely my last over the holiday break - some WW2 figures in 15 and 28mm scales.

 First up a 28mm Pak 38 anti tank gun with crew and a Kubelwagen.  All of the miniatures are from the Perry Brothers with the gun and figures being metals and the kubelwagen a resin cast with a handful of metal detail parts.
 I really like these metal figures and am looking forward to the arrival of a few more support options for my growing DAK force (Heavy machine guns, a medium mortar and some arty).

 These figures were painted in the same way my other DAK miniatures.
Next up is a US Armored Rifle Platoon in 15mm scale to be used with Flames of War.  The figures are made by Battlefront and are from their new plastic ARP box set - both the figures and the halftracks are plastics.

I'm a pretty poor painter of 15mm figures but I found these plastics to be really easy to do and they were a lot of fun.  The following statement may force my to turn in my figure painting card but I really prefer plastic over metal figures.  I find plastic to be a lot easier to work with.  I suppose that makes me uncool in certain circles!

 The ARP is a great unit in FOW - it's highly mobile and bristles with bazooka's and machine guns.
 Lastly, a unit of German pioneers in 15mm scale.  The figures are metals from Battlefront and have been in the lead pile for a long time.  The sculpts were pretty poor.  I tried basing them on the rubble base set which is also produced by Battlefront.

Have you ever had a project that just turned from fun to chore?  I'm sure we all have and that's what these guys ended up for me.  I think they came out OK but it's not the best paint job and I could have been more creative with the basing.  I kind of just wanted the unit to be "done".

Gamewise, pioneers are a lot of fun so while the paintings pretty pedestrian, the fun quotient of have these guys on the table makes them worth the effort.


From Curt:Oh, that PAK 38 and Kubel are very fine indeed. I keep resisting doing DAK in this scale but I find it very difficult when I see this stufff in the flesh.  Your 15s are great, especially your Americans. 
I still have a hard time warming to these FoW socket-bases (not yours specifically, Miles, but the concept as a whole). I know what they're trying to do but I'm just not sold on it. For the amount of time you need to fiddle filling in the socket gaps you might as well just do your own custom basework. Maybe I'm missing something...
Great work Miles. Now that you've tipped over your half-way mark (and in 2nd place no less) what's on your roster for January?  


  1. More great stuff Miles.. Love it

  2. I'm not a big fan of the socket bases - especially for textured ones like the rubble set the pioneers are based on.

    As for January, I'm afraid there'll be a bit of a slow down with work coming back online and some robotics coaching / refereeing commitments. It does feel good to be over the halfway point!

    I would expect February to be a pretty productive month!

  3. Kubelwagen, the first plastic kit I chose when I was a kid for some reason. Something about the shape of it appealed. Lovely work on all these anyway!

  4. Great work Miles and well done for reaching your halfway mark already!!!

  5. very nice indeed. 1/2 way already. Well deserved and well earnt.

  6. I like a lot your DAK models, brilliant paint work in them. Very fine.

  7. Thanks for the kind comments - I've really enjoyed painting up the Perry DAK mini's during the past few weeks

  8. Nice work, and well done in sticking through the 'chore' phase and finishing the projects off.

  9. The DAK's the main draw but all the rest are good too.


  10. Impressive all around! The rifle platoon and half tracks are grand!
    I have never built the FOW stuff myself, but I wonder if any have tried white glue to fill the gaps. I use it to fill the gaps on slotta bases and holes in resin models. Cheaper than the other stuff! ;)

  11. I can see we're going to trade blows all the way to the finish line mate. You're churning out some top quality stuff too. Keep it coming!

  12. I have painting jobs like that, where they seem more like jobs than like fun. Even so, it all looks god, especially the DAK stuff. The Kubelwagen is especially fine.
    I tend to agree with CC about the sabot bases, though I did let myself get talkiness into some for GW's briefly lived War of the Ring rules. Still have them somewhere.
    Good strong entry.