Sunday, 11 January 2015

From TeemuL - Empire Militia (15 Points)

No Bonus Theme round entry for me this time, so let's make a third regular entry for this week. It was a long day and lots of small gaps of free time, so I was able to finish these three today, too. They are Empire Militia from Games Workshop. The first picture is bit dark, sun has set and it's snowing again, but I managed to fix my old camera last week with the help from Google.

So, why I painted this lot? While I was painting the last goblins and the ogre, I realized, I was running out of primed figures. I decided to take a shortcut and paint these three, because the previous owner had primed them white. Rest 20 or so primed black and some are already painted and some are not assembled yet. Well, while I was fixing the spray job, I realized that the mold lines where still there... So I needed to clean them and then paint white again. What a shortcut. As I said, these were already assembled and I must say that the fellow holding the sword close to his chest was quite painful to paint... I don't think I'll be taking more shortcuts very soon.

I have couple of these fellows already and they are painted red and white like in the box, so I gave these guys a similar treatment. The straps are not as neat as I hoped for, but these are rank-and-file and easily killed... I wonder why these guys have identical legs, when the box has possibilities for four? Why did he paint these pants white and others black? One of the mysteries, I will never solve.

These are not my best paint jobs, but I still painted the eyes and the fellow in the middle of the last picture has mustache and all. That's something I learned from this challenge, mustache can't be ignored. Even though the eyes have little lunatic look on them, they are not that bad - I have painted worse. Little craziness fits these irregular troops.

Those old diagonally based warriors might be hard to rank nicely, but think about these guys. You can assemble them in million different ways and glue the legs where ever on the base you want. This means, that location on the unit must be known while assembling and then kept same for the rest of the one's life. Very easy, when you buy already assembled figures and try to insert them into your existing unit...

Three 28mm figures give me another 15 points and my point total for this week is higher than for last week!


  1. We take the same kind of shortcuts I think mate! I've got a pile of these and they are a bugger to rank up. I gave up and use them as skirmishers.

    These are some of the weirdest sculpts. I call the chap with the billowing coat Mr Farty-pants. Why else would your coat do that?!?

  2. I have 45 of these guys. Even though I made them they still don't really rank up well. I used to run them in 3x3 detachments, so a little slop was OK. They were fun sprues but painful. You've done well with them.

  3. I agree they do not sit nicely on bases when ranked up (I had the same problem) sorry I do not have a solution!

    I do like the red Knee patch on each one it gives them an emblem or trade mark and marks them as the same team.

  4. I built a lot of these fellows in the day, some are primed for painting too! Nice color choice Teemu! ;)