Monday, 16 February 2015

From AdamC - 15mm WWII Bazooka Teams (8 Points)

So these were painted for last week but I had not had the chance to finish the bases.

Nothing to fancy here just standard US uniforms mostly mid-war colors and gears. The Bazooka is the US AT weapon for infantry men and needs no introduction any one who plays us infantry or faces US infantry know there is no such thing as too many Bazooka Teams.

One of the guys has a leather jacket just to a slightly different look

I am racing to see if I can get my stuff for this week finished but it will be close.  Until then we have 4 15mm figures for 8 points. A true point spit-wad if ever there was one :)

From Curt:

Ah, but these 8 points were  just enough for you to pip past Ian for 8th place, so no mean victory there! Good job on these.


  1. Nice nip and tuck into 8th place Adam :)

  2. Those are some nice 15's! I like the mix of footgear too! I'm sorely tempted by all the neat 15mm WW2, but I'm going pulp and Sgt Rock, the Haunted Tank, and the Unknown Soldier will be more epic in 28...I really don't want to convert an Unknown Soldier in a smaller scale! ;)

    1. Haunted Tank? Now you're talking!

    2. Haunted Tank? Now you're talking!

    3. Probably the only tank I am looking forward to painting. As nimble as a billy goat on speed, tougher than a rhinoceros, and hits harder than a M1 Abrams! ;)

  3. 15mm Bazooka teams. What's not to like.

  4. A neat little points grab, Baz's you got to love them, unless your in a Panzer that is.


  5. Nice to jump back into 8th but I suspect IanW or someone else will jump me soon. I sent in two more entries after 11 PM last night... maybe too late. If so I shall have to hope the bump from my Hot entry can help me fend off those behind me.