Tuesday, 17 February 2015

From JamesR - French Line Grenadiers and Random Minis (84 points)


I've managed to paint half a small unit of Perry plastic French Grenadiers.  Here you can see the 13 of them marching somewhere.

Another angle of them still marching.  I frequently force march my French, because I am a cruel emperor.

I only painted two poses; the ones in their supposedly great coats.

The Perry plastic box has four poses of marching Grenadiers (or Voltiguers); I'll paint the two poses without said coats on, next.  There are two back pack options which will give the finished unit eight minor model variations.


I painted a few other minis too.  Some sort of thief or assassin, most likely from Ral Partha or Grenadier.  A John Conner model of unknown origin, whose face I ruined with drunken highlighting. It says John Conner on his base.  There's also two LotR GW Rohan leaders.

I found the two Rohan in a FLGS bits bin.  Eowyn's sword is managled and Eomir's is missing.  I'm going to pretend it's the invisible Elfin blade, Loirleilei.  Loirleilei is only mentioned once very briefly in the Silmarillion, one of the really awful back chapters that no one really reads, trust me.

From the back, it looks as it Eomir is waving a chocolate ice cream cone.  I've been meaning to give a friend this little terrain piece for many moons.

No!  The evil bad assassin is going to kill humanity's last hope.  Stop now, or you'll go on a forced march!

John's wearing a dark gray polyester twill blend two piece tactical combat suit.

John has a cute little robot head on his pre-manufactured base.

love and kisses,

From Curt:

James you always provide great work and an enjoyable read (though your 'love and kisses' closings makes me twitch a bit).  You know there's few things worse than an assassin who is both evil AND bad. Or perhaps you meant he's bad in the sense that he's not very good at being an assassin?  One thing for sure is that a polyester/twill two piece is BOTH bad and evil...

Also, I see that you've met your Challenge points target. Congratulations!  Now, go take your boys on a celebratory forced march, you cruel, heartless emperor you.  (And when you return let me know what you'd like to target for our last few weeks.) 


  1. Love the poor French foot sloggers


  2. Nice work all round James :)

    However, I believe you are incorrect in identifying the object in Eomer's hand as Loirleilei or a chocolate ice cream cone. I believe it may be the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch ;)

    1. Genius idea Tasmin! I will be converting that to a Holy Hand Grenade, posthaste.

  3. Love the French my favorite Perry sculpts the others are very nice as well.

  4. I really like this eclectic mix! Eeomer and his red armor is very well done! I didn't make it as far as you in the Similarian , but I approve the holy hand grenade...but he probably just left his blade in an Urkhai! ;)

    1. David, you probably made it farther. I'm a terrible fibber.

  5. A fine bunch of great coated lads. With eclectic company!

  6. Google has only one match for Loirleilei... :)

  7. What a varied bunch. I do like them all and I am hoping you will not use them all in the same game! (No matter the temptation).

  8. Very nice. I got to admit I like things more when they are not Napolean related. I will probably have my wargamer card revoked for that statement but now it's out there....gulp. Very nice painting though. Those French Grens look nice and gritty in those colours. I like! John Connor looks ready to kick Arnies butt and a nice bunch of other characters.

  9. I like the variation in the grenadiers. And the +5 vorpal ice cream cone is hilarious.