Thursday, 12 February 2015

From Millsy - 40K Catachan HQ & Veterans (80 points)

After a week "off" working on Issue Three of Wargame Bloggers Quarterly whilst quietly coughing up a lung or two I'm back with some additions to my Warhammer 40K Imperial Guard Catachans.

This submission consists of a 10 man Veteran Squad lead by a chap who is clearly compensating for something with his "power fist". He's backed up by specialists armed with a plasma gun and demolition charge. The squad is rounded out by a further 7 squaddies armed with the ubiquitous lasgun.

As they are veteran troops I've spent more time on them and given them camo fatigues of varying colours (chestnut, mid-brown or black). They also sport white "veteran" headbands which kind of makes the idea of camo redundant. However, it's de rigueur for a Catachan to wear brightly coloured headgear and who am I to argue?

The second half of the submission is my HQ, comprising Colonel "Iron Hand" Straken and four bodyguards plus a one-man army in the form of Sly Marbo. Again we have camo fatigues and a selection of equipment befitting a HQ squad.

I've painted Straken's armour plating in a flat green as it seems more appropriate somehow than to have it a fresh-from-the-workshop shiny metallic finish. Sly Marbo is rocking a black Guns N' Roses t-shirt (see what I did there?) with the sleeves cut off so he can better swing his carving blade.

All up that puts me about 40% of the way through the infantry component of the army as it stands. In Challenge terms its 16 miniatures at 5 points a pop or a glorious 80 points total. Not exactly up to my previous volumes but that's the way of things now with real life well and truly back in the mix.

Next up? Probably more sweaty over-developed half-naked men. At least Anne and Tamsin won't be bored any time soon :-)

From Curt:

An excellent set of minis Millsy! Great work on the flesh tones on these guys. Sly's GnR shirt is ace and I really like what you did with Straken's bionic arm. All of the white headbands give these fellas an odd 80s feel about them, which falls in line with their vintage. Well done!


  1. Great kick ass unit and the quarterly was a great read again

  2. Nice work Millsy :)

    If you're slowing down, this might be Dave's chance to catch and overtake you...

    As for the sweaty, over-developed, half-nekkid men, that may make Anne happy, but my inclination would be for sweaty, properly-dveloped, half-nekkid women ;)

    1. Ahhh, I love life as you can learn something new every day. Well, I heartily approve of your sensibilities Tamsin - two votes for sweaty, half-nekkid women!! ;)

  3. And this is what you can do when you have the flu? Good god man, rest up a bit!

    I imagine you still have a few Catachans to go, but pace yourself and be sensible - hit the honey and lemon over the weekend, with a nip of whisky if you need further bolstering!

  4. I always found the Catachans rather ugly figures, but they are very nicely painted, and the characters are very nice!

  5. Classic looking rambo wannabes. They are welcome to the jungle no doubt. I have a few of the metal ones but mostly plastic versions in my ye olde stash of sci-fi goons. cheers

  6. Nice to see head bands and bandanas in white for a change (usually red thanks to GW staff painters). Not sure white is all that practical for jungles but maybe the future has stain resistant materials.

    Nice work mate.

  7. May be less points than normal but still eye candy.

    Hope your feeling better soon


  8. Lovely paint job on these, I agree with some other comments that these are ugly figures made to look really good.

  9. Really nice painting work. Great figures.